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The Sugar Industry in Java, 1971 - 2010
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If you are not familiar with the subject, then please take a couple of minutes to read the introduction. Otherwise click one of the areas to get started.

There are also more than 100 short video clips on my my YouTube Channel. As there are no facilities available to construct an index on the site, click here for my own index. The majority were shot in the 1990s which means that coverage is much more patchy than this feature and since much was shot on low quality early video, the picture quality is not wonderful. On the other hand the sound quality is much better and there is something quite magical about these small ancient machines being thrashed!

Click here for 100 extra pictures from Frank Jones's pioneering trips
in the early 1970s, added 23rd October 2023.

If your steam interest extends to stationary steam engines then there is a feature on the actual mills on this site and my Youtube Channel has numerous detailed videos too.

200 extra pictures of Jatiroto, Semboro and Olean were added on 23rd April 2022.

I am always looking to fill gaps in the coverage of the 1970s, particularly in the first half of the decade. Please email me (see below) if you can help.

Rob Dickinson