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Since we got together, Yuehong and I have made many trips together armed first with one and now with two video cameras. We style ourselves industrial archaeologists, we are looking to record the final elements of the era of steam power. Given our location and budget, that is bound to be limited to Asia, but we are not the sort of people to go on holiday for two weeks and then rush out a video a month or two later - all our DVDs will have been carefully researched over several extended visits. We aim to produce two different types of product; firstly those for general interest viewing going beyond just a 'steam audience' and secondly specialist sets for those with a serious interest in (particularly stationary) steam power.

Normally we are unable to supply our DVDs between October and the middle of March.

If you are interested in ordering at that time please email the address below to check availability.

General interest viewing DVDs - all are now available as excellent value downloads.:

Industrial archaeology DVDs - the first two are now available as excellent value downloads:

See also:

The Gula Java CD-ROM covering the workings of the historic sugar mills of Java with still pictures (together with process diagrams and flow charts) - essential to the full enjoyment of the Gula Java DVDs  Now available as an online version.

Rob Dickinson