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Historic steam powered rice
mills in Burma and Thailand
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Between 2005 and 2009, we (Rob and Yuehong Dickinson) made 5 journeys in search of stationary steam engines in the rice mills of Myanmar/Burma. What we found has been described on this website, one of our reports lists those manufacturers and agents names so far recorded. In the process we have documented literally hundreds of engines, the majority of which we have seen at work and recorded on video. From that archive, we have compiled footage of all the rarer engines found, together with selected engines from the major builders Marshall and Tangye where there is significant mass duplication of engines. We have now upgraded the footage to include those new engines found working on our 2009 trip.

We have also made three short trips to Thailand where the rice mills have a lower density of steam power

The result is a unique industrial archaeology record, representing a treasure house of working stationary steam that was almost unknown before we started our explorations. Also included in some cases is a record of the rice mills themselves at work, many of them almost unchanged in 70 years or more of operation. The 12 DVDs in the set contain about 10 hours of viewing, but unlike our Sweet Spot and Yuehong's Logging Off DVDs which are designed for general interest viewing, they are intended for the specialist enthusiast and to make them affordable we will burn them on our own computers and mail them in a 'no frills' package, but that doesn't mean that the quality of the video represented is any lower than our normal high standards. It has cost us literally thousands of pounds to make these trips, we can never hope to recover even a fraction of the cost but a few sales will help a little bit.....

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We have prepared 7 sample clips (reduced size 320 x 240, wmv format) which you can download:

Temples of Steam 1

(Unknown maker)

also available

YouTube Version

Temples of Steam 2


also available

YouTube Version

Temples of Steam 3


also available

YouTube Version

Temples of Steam 4

(Ruston, Proctor)

also available

YouTube Version

Temples of Steam 5


also available

YouTube Version

Temples of Steam 6


also available

YouTube Version

Temples of Steam 7

(LYC, Bangkok)

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Rob Dickinson