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Java's historic steam
powered sugar mills
Click here to download sample clips

In 2004, I released a CD-ROM Gula Java covering the workings of the historic sugar mills of Java. It is essential to the full enjoyment of the DVDs. (Click here for more information or click this link for the online version.) 

Between 2004 and 2006, we (Rob and Yuehong Dickinson) made several extended journeys to Java to film these mills at work, particularly their stationary steam engines. One mill (Olean) is so special that we have dedicated a single general interest DVD to it - click here for information about "Sweet Spot"

We have now prepared a 10 DVD set containing over 8 hours of viewing which are intended for the specialist enthusiast and to make them affordable we will burn them on our own computers and mail them in a 'no frills' package, but that doesn't mean that the quality of the video represented is any lower than our normal high standards. Covering nearly 30 sugar mills and hundreds of stationary engines together with associated equipment it is a unique record of operations which would have been almost totally familiar to cane sugar technologists 70 years ago. Necessarily some mills have a higher proportion of traditional equipment and this is reflected in the varying length of record for each mill varying from a couple of minutes to almost a full hour for Gondang Baru (above). A preview version was described as 'stunning' by the Chairman of the International  Stationary Steam Engine Society.

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We have prepared 6 sample clips (reduced size 320 x 240, wmv format) which you can download:

Gula Java 1

(Mill engine and its mill)

also available

YouTube Version

Gula Java 2

(Variety of mill engines)

also available

YouTube Version

Gula Java 3

(One sugar mill)

also available

YouTube Version

Gula Java 4

(Vacuum Pumps)

also available

YouTube Version

Gula Java 5

(Other Pumps)

also available

YouTube Version

Gula Java 6

(Belt Engines)

also available

YouTube Version

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