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Shibanxi Gold DVD

Normally we are unable to supply our DVDs between October and the middle of March.

If you are interested in ordering at that time please email the address below to check availability.

Our Shibanxi Heaven DVD was filmed between 2004 and 2007, before tourism had made any serious impact on the railway. Since then we have revisited the railway annually between 2008 and 2011 and have continued to record its evolution from a railway under threat of closure to a sustainable operation with a unique blend of tourist and local passenger traffic as well as thriving traffic from the small coal mine at the end of the line, Huangcun.

Unlike our earlier visits which were mainly in May/June, the later visits were earlier in the year in March, at a time when the canola (oil seed rape) was in flower, hence the title of this new film - it might also be taken as a reference to the money now being made from the tourist Yuan. Using entirely new material, it is a sequel to the original film, assuming familiarity with the railway and is designed for those who have already bought the original Shibanxi Heaven and would like to see 'more'. It makes no attempt to cover the whole line, filming being concentrated almost entirely above Mifeng where the greatest changes are apparent and where nearly all the yellow flowers are to be found.

We have reported our visits on this website - these were 'working holidays' at least in part - and the pages to start on for each year are:

The DVD is 70 minutes long and includes the following features:

  • Unchanging Shibanxi
  • The introduction of dedicated tourist trains (2010/2011)
  • Daily passenger trains with and without the added new tourist coaches
  • Pigs galore
  • A visit to the coal mine museum at Huangcun (2009)
  • Coal delivery to and operation of the bath house at Bagou (2010)
  • The introduction of ex-Pengzhou locomotive #8 into traffic (2011)
  • Coal trains throughout the day
  • A new angle on the coal mine at Huangcun (2010)

Our regular customers will know what to expect and will not be disappointed. Hence, I am not going to put sample clips on the website or YouTube (the latter having attracted many viewers and insignificant customers). Apart from the pictures below, you might to check out the pages I uploaded from the 2010 and 2011 visits.

The following are still pictures taken while the cameras were running, click on a thumbnail to see a larger version in a new window, the rows show respectively passenger trains, coal trains and tourist trains: 

The following are reduced size screen shots from the film, the first two rows 'pigs galore' scattered through the film and the second two rows from the Bagou bath house section. Unlike those above these are not enlargeable. When working with 'people and animals' you can't just leave the video cameras running while you snap away. 

BONUS DVD (not available for the downlaod). If you are interested in coverage of nine small coal mines in the area, we have available a short compilation (around 40 minutes in all) with your order - there is absolutely NO serious steam content in this DVD. It is a 'no frills' DVD without commentary, jewel case, insert or other form of documentation. Some of these mines will have been covered in reports on this website, several have not, many have since ceased operation. This material is aimed at the railway modeller and/or small scale industrial railway enthusiast. You MUST indicate your interest when placing (or paying) for your order the cost  will be a nominal charge of GBP 5; it will not be sold separately from the main Shibanxi Gold DVD.

  • Huangdan Coal Mine - includes links to two short YouTube Clips.
  • Waterside Collieries - the first two mines (only) are on the DVD - one of them is the 2009 Mamiao Valley Coal Mine mentioned below.
  • Huangcun Coal Mine 2007 - unused footage - including the 'new' 300mm operation from the Shibanxi Heaven DVD era because it was incompatible with the 2006 material which was used.
  • Mamiao Valley Coal Mines (2004 - 3, 2009 -1 with a short video clip available)
  • Caiziba Valley Coal Mines (2004 - 2)

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