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Shibanxi Holiday 2010 - Tender First

This is part of our photographic report from our 3 week visit in March 2010 - click here for the full report.

Shibanxi Heaven - The best steam narrow gauge railway on DVD when it was totally real. We really ought to find time to put our video footage from 2008/09/10 onto another DVD at some stage.

I save showing my tender first shots for those which are a bit special, which usually means getting a little 'side on'.

This is the coal train near the Bagou bath house:

Between tunnels at Bagou seen from near the mobile phone towers on a clearer than average day:

Leaving one of the tunnels between Bagou and Jiaoba:


The big curve with the tourist 'loco' toilet:

Approaching Xianrenjiao:

Caiziba horseshoe:

And finally the crowning glory - the coal train rounds the horseshoe at Caiziba on one of the best mornings of the visit:

our Shibanxi Heaven DVD

our Shibanxi Heaven DVD

Rob Dickinson