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Latest Major Stories

Sweet Dreams, Java Sugar Steam 1975 - 2010 (27th November 2021)
Raj Steam - Narrow and Metre Gauge in the Subcontinent (extras 14th November 2021)
Narrow Gauge Steam Railways Worldwide (5th October 2021)
News from Darjeeling (updated 5th October 2021)
Real Steam in China, the curtain falls (20th September 2021)
Active Real Steam in Bosnia? (updated 8th September 2021)
Java Sugar Steam - THE END (4th June 2021)

(Railway) Travellers' Tales (16th May 2021)

Steam returns to Wolsztyn (updated 16th May 2021)
GondangBaru's 15,000,000 YouTube views (1st May 2021)
Incredible Indonesia - the Iron Dinosaurs (13th November 2020)
Safari Steam - 'Steam in Africa' (19th October 2020)
Zafra - Cuban Sugar Steam, 1980 - 1999 (14th September 2020)
Railways in Peninsular Malaya ca 1970 (updated 20th August 2020)
Great Dorset Steam Fair 2019 (2nd September 2019)
Tiger Steam On Line (10th April 2017)

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Asia (east)
   Cambodia (4th Jan 20)
   China (15th Nov 21)
   Cook Islands (16th Dec 21)
   Fiji (29th Mar 17)
   Indonesia (27th Nov 21)
   Japan (21st Oct 18)
   Laos (16th Aug 20)
   Malaysia (20th Aug 20)
   Mongolia (27th Nov 14)
   Myanmar (27th Mar 17)
   New Caledonia (29th Nov 98)
   North Korea (6th Apr 20)
   Philippines (5th Apr 17)
   South Korea (10th Jan 14)
   Taiwan (23rd Feb 21)
   Thailand (20th Jan 20)
   Vietnam (12th Sep 21)
   Railway Cranes (20th Apr 20)

Asia (west) 
   Afghanistan (29th Nov 09)
   Bangladesh (3rd Jan 12)
   India (5th Oct 21)
   Iran (4th Apr 18)
   Israel (6th May 15)
   Iraq (2nd Aug 07)
   Jordan (5th Apr 15)
   Kazakhstan (25th Sep 15)
   Lebanon (15th Jun 16)
   Nepal (21st Dec 14)
   Pakistan (11th May 19)
   Saudi Arabia (30th Dec 08)
   Sri Lanka (18th Mar 18)
   Syria (14th Jun 18)
   Tajikistan (14th Aug 08)
   Turkey (21st May 16)
   Turkmenistan (2nd Nov 02)
   Uzbekistan (10th Dec 07)
   Railway Cranes (20th Apr 20)

   Angola (16th Oct 12)
   Benin (9th Jun 08)
   Botswana (11th Oct 16)
   Burkina Faso (16th Dec 09)
   Cameroon (12th Mar 13)
   Central African Republic (4th Jun 18)
   Congo-Brazzaville (10th Oct 13)
   Congo (DR) (30th May 13)
   Egypt (28th Mar 09)
   Eritrea (20th Oct 19)
   Ethiopia (22nd Dec 19)
   Gabon (16th Mar 12)
   Ghana (24th May 08)
   Ivory Coast (8th May 18)
   Kenya (16th Dec 14)
   Liberia (27th Apr 07)
   Madagascar (5th Apr 12)
   Malawi (27th Jan 12)
   Mali (10th Jun 08)
   Mauritius (21st Oct 19)
   Mocambique (28th Mar 19)
   Morocco (20th Oct 16)
   Namibia (21st May 15)
   Nigeria (25th Mar 14)
   Réunion (26th Apr 14)
   São Tomé (29th Jul 11)
   Senegal (29th Feb 08)
   Sierra Leone (1st Feb 11)
   South Africa (23rd Mar 21)
   Sudan (18th May 11)
   Tanzania (11th Jul 14)
   Togo (15th Oct 12)
   Tunisia (22nd Nov 09)
   Uganda (22nd May 14)
   Zambia (1st Oct 19)
   Zimbabwe (31st Jul 19)
   Railway Cranes (5th Apr 19)

The Americas
   Antigua (13th Feb 20)
   Argentina (21st Jan 18)
   Barbados (30th Sep 21)
   Bermuda (8th Mar 20)
   Bolivia (8th Nov 16)
   Brazil (21st Dec 19)
   Chile (17th Dec 12)
   Colombia (15th Aug 20)
   Costa Rica (22nd Mar 16)
   Cuba (14th Sep 20) 
   Dominican Republic (1st Sep 14)
   Ecuador (16th Aug 20)
   El Salvador (22nd Jan 18)
   French Guyana (7th Dec 07)
   Guadeloupe (28th Aug 14)
   Guatemala (26th Oct 19)
   Haiti (24th May 14)
   Honduras (23rd May 12)
   Jamaica (26th Jun 14)
   Martinique (28th Aug 14)
   Mexico (9th Oct 18)
   Nicaragua (30th Jul 11)
   Panama (23rd Apr 09)
   Paraguay (14th Aug 20)
   Peru (4th Feb 20)
   Puerto Rico (10th Mar 14)
   South Georgia (14th Oct 07)
   Surinam (8th Mar 20)
   Uruguay (15th Dec 14)
   Venezuela (4th Oct 14)
   Railway Cranes (22nd Aug 20)

   Albania (28th Jun 18)
   Armenia (19th Feb 20)
   Austria (18th Apr 17)
   Azerbaijan (18th May 10)
   Azores (28th Oct 18)
   Belarus (30th Nov 08)
   Bosnia (8th Sep 21)
   Bulgaria (26th May 15)
   Croatia (27th May 15)
   Cyprus (8th Sep 15)
   Czech Republic (10th Feb 15)
   Estonia (17th Dec 10)
   Finland (5th Sep 17)
   Georgia (8th Oct 05)
   Germany (1st Dec 08)
   Hungary (14th Aug 08)
   Iceland (22nd Mar 16)
   Italy (20th Sep 18)
   Kosovo (28th Sep 13)
   Latvia (25th Jul 09)
   Lithuania (26th Sep 09)
   Macedonia (14th Nov 08)
   Moldova (24th May 07)
   Montenegro (4th Oct 08)
   Norway (15th Dec 10)
   Poland (24th Jan 20)
   Portugal (22nd Dec 19)
   Romania (12th Oct 15)
   Russia (3rd Jan 22)
   Serbia (30th Aug 10)
   Slovakia (1st Apr 15)
   Slovenia (2nd May 18)
   Spain (20th Oct 18)
   Sweden (3rd Aug 17)
   Switzerland (22nd Dec 10)
   Turkey (21st May 16)
   Ukraine (29th Nov 15)
   Plandampf (10th Jan 09)
   Fireless Locos (30th Jul 21)
   Railway Cranes (27th Nov 19)

Australasia (4th Oct 16) - An introduction and links to sites

Steam in Australia 2019 (16th Aug 21)

New Zealand
Operational steam in New Zealand (25th Feb 17)
Introduction to New Zealand mainline steam (14th May 02)

Illustrated Features:
    Ambarawa Railway Museum (13th Aug 15)
    Burma Mines Railway 1999
    Cambodian Steam 1999
    Hejaz Railway 1997
    Eritrea Steam 2002
    Fegua 2004 (Guatemala)
    A month in Java 1976
    Steam in Indonesia 1977 (1st Sep 12)
    North Korea 2003
    Pakistan 1992  
    Romanian Forestry Steam 1998
    Steam in Sabah 2001
    Steamy Burma Days 1996
    Steamy Java Tour Blog 2010
    Sweet Dreams in Java (1975-1997)
    Tipong Colliery Railway 2004
    Tipong Colliery Railway 2008
    Zafra Narrow Gauge (1996-2001)

Illustrated Features (China):
    Huanan Coal Railway 2003
    Huanan Coal Railway 2004
    Nanpiao Mining Railway 2003
    Shanhetun Forestry Railway
    Shibanxi Coal Railway 2003
    Shibanxi Coal Railway 2004
    Shibanxi Coal Railway 2006
    Shibanxi Coal Railway 2007
    Shibanxi Coal Railway 2008
    Shibanxi Coal Railway 2009
    Shibanxi Coal Railway 2010
    Shibanxi Coal Railway 2011
    Weihe Forestry Railway 2002
    Weihe Forestry Railway 2003
    Weihe Remembered
    Xingyang Brickworks Railway 2004
    Xingyang Brickworks Railway 2008
    Yinghao Coal Railway

Lifestyle Statements
    Climb Every Mountain (Java)
    West Sumatra (4th Dec 12)
    Far from the Madding Crowd
    Shibanxi Holiday 2009
    Shibanxi Holiday 2010
    Shibanxi Holiday 2011
    Moving On 2010
    Chinese Country House (2004 - 11) 
    Burma Days (2005 -10)
    Life in Penang (16th Mar 20)
    Life in the UK (7th Nov 21)
    UK Steam Rallies (15th Jan 22)
    UK Steam Rallies 2013 (13th Oct 13) 
    UK Steam Rallies 2014 (21st Sep 14)
    UK Steam Rallies 2015 (27th Sep 15)
    UK Steam Rallies 2016 (20th Sep 16)
    UK Steam Rallies 2017 (19th Sep 17) 
    UK Steam Rallies 2018 (15th Oct 18) 
    UK Steam Rallies 2019 (24th Sep 19) 
    UK Steam Rallies 2021 (20th Oct 21)

It's less than 1/10 second to midnight effectively all over for Real Steam in the world. I believe the following is the short list of countries where there was traditional revenue earning steam in the closing years and, in most cases, the amount was tiny, usually industrial and often even seasonal. I don't believe that the numbers ran to double figures anywhere except maybe China. but I am not sure what the situation is in Bosnia these days.

Asia: China (industrial/provincial railways, Sandaoling finishing), India (Ooty and Darjeeling, effectively tourist operations), Indonesia (seasonal industrial fireless, no longer any conventional steam by 2021), North Korea (marginal, probably already finished, but no reports for a long time).

Africa: Botswana (industrial, operation reported finished in October 2016), South Africa (industrial, finished in August 2015), Zimbabwe (industrial, potentially but not active 2014, using rented NRZ steam in 2017, but probably finished by late 2018)

Americas: Brazil (industrial, finished by November 2014)

Europe: Bosnia (industrial), Germany (industrial fireless),  Poland (semi-real and subject to suspension),  Romania (industrial, assumed finished, although charters are still possible), Serbia (industrial, assumed finished as I have had no reports since 2010), Slovenia  (industrial fireless), Austria (industrial fireless)

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For 14 years, this home page was on ''. After I returned to the UK from China in 2011, it finally moved to '', which, with '' used for mainland China, had actually had most of the content for several years. Once I was totally free of the internet restrictions imposed on those who live in China, there was no point in continuing to pay for a Pipex account and any references to Pipex URLs you may find elsewhere will not work. In March 2013 I gave up the '' domain and the English language material on that site has moved to ''. Links within this site have been changed but existing external links will no longer function.

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