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Java Sugar Steam YouTube Video Clips

My YouTube channel has over 100 video clips of steam locomotives at work in and around Java's sugar mills. Finding the one(s) you want is not easy as apart from playlists, YouTube offers little in the way of an index and this page is an attempt to make it easier to find what is available.

The mills are listed by area in the same manner as my photographic record Sweet Dreams 2, roughly west to east with a separate section for the private mills. Necessarily many mills are not represented, some have only one or two and a few many. It will be updated as new videos are added, as of March 2023, there are some 30 new videos which will be rolled out every week (Saturday 08:00 UK time) and by the time they are all revealed, there may be more. 

If you have some Java sugar material you want showcased and you don't have your own channel then think about using my channel to skip the wait to get established, contact me through the email address at the end of this page.

Most are my own videos, but there are a number by Ray Gardner (RG) and Ross Sadler (RS). My videos and those from Ray date from 1991 onwards by which time many mills had retired their steam locomotives. Ross started earlier (in 1979) and he is slowly converting his cine archive...

Click here for the index to my channel's Java's sugar mill videos with their stationary steam engines.(30).


Kadhipaten DB 3 on a field train 

Kadhipaten steam working hard (RS)


Jatiwangi derailment

Jatiwangi at work 

Jatiwangi Vulcan 


Gempol active towards the end 

Gempol Big Shunt (RS)

Sindanglaut sunset departure 

Sindanglaut doube header 

Sindanglaut field trains 1995 

Sindanglaut turns orange 

Tersana Baru Maffei 20 shunting  

Tersana Baru 1,2,3 (RG)

Tersana Baru field trains (RS) 

Tersana Baru Transhipment (RS)


Ketanggungan Barat's DB Mallet 


North Coast

Banjaratma 6 shunting 

Banjaratma field trains 

Banjaratma Extras 

Jatibarang 9 light engine movements 

Jatibarang 9 on empties (RG)

Jatibarang field departure (RS)

Jatibarang hybrid 

Jatibarang Yard Work 


Pangka on fire 

Pangka 7 on a mud train  

Pangka in the 21st century 

Pangka's famous Belgians  

Pangka Yellow Phase (RS)

Sumberharjo's Alco 

Sumberharjo 3, 21st century mud train

Sumberharjo's yellow mud train (RG)

Sumberharjo mud and ash trains 1991 

Sumberharjo arrival (RS) 

Sumberharjo glorious mud 

Sumberharjo Golden Phase 

Sragi Hartmann yard shunting 2008 

Sragi main line crossing 

Sragi Berliner yard shunting

Sragi double headers in the yard 

Sragi Hartmann on a mud train 

Sragi classic field train 

Sragi transfer trains 

Sragi's two old ladies 

Sragi yellow peril

Sragi, coming down the lane...

Sragi shambolic mud train (RG)

Sragi old timers (RS) 

Comal Field Train 


Cepiring at work  

Cepiring empties (RG) 


Rendeng mixed gauge RS 

Rendeng 8 rides to the rescue 1 

Rendeng 8 rides to the rescue 2 

South Coast

Kalibagor Borsig Mallet in action (RS) 

Gondang mud train (with ex-Kalibagor 6)

Gondang 5 on full loris from Brangkal 1992 

Gondang Linke Hoffman action 

Gondang high speed train 

Gondang mud train 

Rendeng 8 rides to the rescue 1 

Rendeng 8 rides to the rescue 2 

Ceper Berliner 0-10-0T 

Ceper Jung Mallet on empties 

Colomadu empties 1991  Tasikmadu's Kelly Springfield steam roller in action 

Tasikmadu's Kelly Springfield steam roller in action again 2008 

Tasikmadu XV in the fields 

Tasikmadu XV at work sround the mill 

Tasikmadu VI returns on a long train at dusk, 1991 

Tasikmadu V and its steam roller friend 

Tasikmadu V in action 

Tasikmadu field trains 

Tasikmadu V day and night 

Tasikmadu XV doing it the hard way 


Sudhono 2 with Stutz tender 

Sudhono turns yellow (RG) 

Sudhono roadside trains (RS) 

Purwodadi Road crossing 

Further Purwodadi road crossings 

Purwodadi Field Trains (RS)

Rejosari 10 performs for the visitors in 2008 

Rejosari 10 on regular trains in the yard in 1993 and 1995 

Rejosari 11 on a yard transfer train 

Rejosari 12 having fun   

Rejosari - borrowing 10 on a quiet afternoon 

Rejosari rhapsody in blue (RG) 

Rejosari 6 Tribute 


Kanigoro 5 on the mud train 

Kanigoro 5 on bagged sugar (RG) 

Kanigoro crossing the Ponorogo branch (RS) 

Kanigoro in action 

Pagottan new yard 

Pagottan green Lutters 

More Pagottan Lutters at Work (RS)


Lestari transfer trains (RS) 
Merican 2 makes a rare visit to the delivery yard in 2008 

Merican 6 on road deliveries in 1994  

Pesantren Mallets working in the road yard 

Pesantren O&K 182 in the mill yard (RS) 

Pesantren 214 goes home 

Pesantren original O&K 0-8-0Ts in the delivery yard 

Ngadirejo Quickie Mojopanggung Baldwin 8 at work in the yard 


Gempolkerep O&K Mallet 5 on the empties 

Gempolkerep O&K 0-8-0T demonstrates cable shunting in the delivery yard 

Gempolkerep one Lutter good, two is better  


Kedawung Breda 0-6-0T on a mud train in the yard 

Kedawung O&K 0-8-0T 13 on a cane train (RS) 


Wonolangan steam in the mill yard (RG) 
Gending tiny O&K Mallet on a cane train (RS) 
Semboro D&B arrive with trains 

Semboro O&K Mallet 22 charges towards the mill with loaded loris 

Semboro Jung 0-6-0T 29 on a cane train   

Semboro mud train ride (RG) 

Semboro O&K 0-4-2T at work 

ex-Jatiroto Mallet J97 on an Olean cane train


De Maas finale 1999 

Classic De Maas (RS) 

Wringinanom D&B 7 on cane trains in 1995  
Olean Double Header 1 

Olean Double Header 2 

ex-Jatiroto Mallet J97 on an Olean cane train

Olean - steam on the graveyard shift

Olean coming down the lane 

Olean Big BMAG at work 1

Olean Big BMAG at work 2 

Olean (Sweet Spot Offcut)

Olean (Sweet Spot DVD) 

Olean Maffeis 

Olean original roster O&K 2 

Olean original roster O&K 3 

Rob's big birthday at Olean 

Asembagus - O&K 0-8-0 with and without tanks 

Asembagus animal crackers 


Pakis Baru mud train 

Pakis Baru 2 in action 

Pakis Baru roadside trains 

Pakis Baru Toy Train 1997 (RG) 

Pakis Baru Cab Forward (RS)

Trangkil Double Headers

Trangkil 1 at work 

Trangkil 2 at work

Trangkil 3 at work

Trangkil 4 at work  

Trangkil three afternoons (RG) 

Trangkil 4 night ride (RG) 

Trangkil 4 bunker first 

Kebonagung O&K 5 on the main line flat crossing 

Kebonagung Lutter 7 at work

Kebonagung Henschel 4 raises the roof

Kebonagung's big bridge 

Kebonagung, Bumiayu fireworks   

Kebonagung, the great locomotive chase (RG) 

Kebonagung Miscellany (RS)

Rejoagung - two O&K 0-8-0T shutning (RS) 

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson