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Railway Museums in Asia

Within my chosen geographical area which excludes North America, most of Europe and Japan, the occurrence of genuine railway museums as opposed to the odd preserved steam locomotive or tourist railway is quite rare. Here you will find a list of known links which describe those I either know about through personal experience or through submissions to my website or which have been located by web searches. Some are no more than (steam) locomotive parks, others have barely a steam locomotive to be seen. It will be a useful quick check list for readers making short visits. I have also included a note of known steam tourist operations where appropriate for Africa, Asia and parts of South America, the latter are covered in more detail in the relevant continent page. By and large the links are to pages which are in English, although these days a web-based automatic translation will normally produce something good enough to get started during a visit.... Please email me with additions and corrections to the address at the end, include a sensible and appropriate subject line to help avoid vanishing into the spam filter.

There are certain umbrella organisations whose sites may be helpful, particularly IATM (International Association of Transport and communications Museums) - see - railways are necessarily a small sub group. Others are regional and are noted as appropriate.

Another recommended link - - as of September 2007 it was last updated in February 2007 and less complete than this site for non-mainstream areas, but necessarily it may be updated, but it will be a good source for the USA, Canada, Australasia and Western Europe.

As always Wikipedia is worth a look but when I checked this page it had far fewer entries in my areas than are on these pages.

This page covers railway museums in Asia, either scroll down the page or click on a continent for a further menu.

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China (updated 13th December 2019)

Robin Gibbons site has a list of known preserved steam locomotives from which the rosters of the museums below can be worked out. (link dead by October 2014)

There are five major museums. These sites are in Chinese unless otherwise stated:

Beijing - china/museum.htm/. Neil Smith gives these instructions based on an October 2015 visit:

"Take the underground to Dong Zhi Men (Line 2). Follow signs for Bus Transfer Hall or go out of Exit B and enter Bus Station. Take bus 418 to Nan Gao Xiz Han, nineteen stops away and a ride of about 45 minutes. Ask the conductress for help and check the route map on the bus. Get off the bus, walk back about 100 metres to the first left turn opposite a pretty painted school. Walk about 600 metres passing the police station and works opening with a rocky water feature and at the second left turn the museum sign (huge) will be facing you at the end of the street.

Alternatively for a shorter bus ride take underground to Jiangtai (Line 14) go out of exit A and walk down road to bus stop and take same bus 418 to Nan Gao Xiz Han."

Having lived in this area from 2004 to 2010, my recollection is that the 403 bus (from Beijing Zhan) terminated closer to the museum, you just needed to walk on across the level crossing, and keep left. Of course, my extremely rare visits were on my bicycle! (29th October 2015).

Shenyang - The museum has led a somewhat peripatetic existence since 2002, moving from Sujiatun (64, Zhonggong North Street, Tiexi District Shenyang) to the Botanical Gardens, to the Tiexi Firest Park and then back to a new site in Sujiatun in late 2009. 

Duncan Cotterell's 2011 report of a visit mentions the major exhibits (27th December 2013). Neil Smith was denied entry in October 2015 and his Chinese friend was told it was strictly only for railwaymen and officials. (29th October 2015).

By 2019, the museum was open to all comers and you can read Neil's account with a link to his Flickr folder. (1st November 2019)

Shanghai - (Chinese language, 27th December 2013, link broken by 1st November 2018)

Kunming - at Kunming Bei Station china/trains/china262.htm (English, added 1st March 2009)

Da'an Bei - maybe not a 'museum' as such but a well presented open air collection of many steam locomotives of the final steam era (27th December 2013). Dave Fielding of SY-Country tells me "At the 'opening' of the collection at Spring Holiday 2012, there were 79 locos, 42xQJ, 34xJS and 3xSY, stuffed and mounted with one additional SY in working order. Since then more locos have arrived and there have been references to 'over 100 steam locomotives' by visitors." The site can be seen on Google Earth / Maps, enter 45°31'37.78"N 124°14'27.85"E.

Peter Crush has sent information on the Kailuan Mining Group's Museum in Tangshan which contains 3 replica steam locomotives (13th December 2019). 

Hong Kong

See (Link amended 10th October 2014) 


The major museums are listed below but there is also an official Indian Railways list available (6th November 2017), but as such links are notoriously ephemeral, I have reproduced it below.

There is a general (unofficial) website which may develop and prove useful otherwise check out, especially (link added 10th October 2011).

There are three major museums:

New Delhi - (active 23rd August 2017))

See also this unofficial sites (added 14th April 2008)

Mysore - see (the latter added 14th April 2008)

Rewari - link broken 5th April 2019

Minor museums are known to exist too:

Bhavnagar - this museum opened on 11th March 2019, among exhibits are narrow gauge B class 558 and Cowans Sheldon metre gauge steam crane 11268. (19th March 2019)

Gurgaon - this newly established museum has acquired two industrial broad gauge locomotives from Rotas industries in Bihar (23rd August 2017)

Howrah - see

Nagpur - see

Pune - see and, also (the latter added 14th April 2008)

Regional Rail Museum Perambur (Works), Chennai/ Madras (added 7th June 2015, but link dead by October 2017)

Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) - Click here for pictures from Harry Liddle (added 25th January 2012)

Tinsukia (Assam) - a new heritage centre is being established here (6th April 2010), initial exhibits will include a mg Garratt (from Guwahati) and diesel, together with cosmetically restored B 781 from Tipong which had been no more than a hulk for many years. 

The College of Military Engineering (CME) at Khadki (Dapodi), Pune, has a museum with several old railway exhibits including locomotives and other rolling stock.

There are occasional public and private steam specials. The public ones are generally poorly advertised in advance and liable to last minute change of dates! 

This is the official IR list as of 6th November 2017.

Railway Location of Rail Museum/Heritage Gallery etc.
Central Railway (2) Heritage Gallery at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Rail Museum at Lonavala ( Under Development)
Eastern Railway (4) Rail Museums
i) RRM/Howrah
ii) Gitanjali Rail Museum, near Bolpur Railway Station
iii) Ravindra Rail Museum, Howrah (Under Development)
Heritage Gallery
ER HQ/Kolkata
East Central Railway (1) Heritage Park is being developed at Dhanbad Station.
East Coast Railway (1) Central Library-cum-Heritage Centre at Rail Sadan, ECoR HQ Building, Bhubneswar.
Northern Railway (3) National Rail Museum, New Delhi
Baba Bhalku Rail Museum/ Shimla
Heritage Park Gallery at Rewari
North Eastern. Railway (2) i) Rail Museum at Gorakhpur
ii) Rail Museum-cum-Heritage Park at NER HQ, Gorakhpur
Northeast Frontier Railway (4) Bhanu Bhakt Rail Museum at Ghum Station/Katihar Division
Heritage Park at New Tinsukia (Tinsukia Division)
Heritage Gallery at Sukna Station(Katihar Division)
Rail Museum at Cooch Behar Station
North Central Railway (1) Heritage gallery, showcasing the history and heritage of Gwalior Light Railway at the Area Manager, Gwalior Office
North Western. Railway (3) i) Jodhpur workshop – Heritage Model Room
ii) Ajmer Loco Workshop – Heritage Model Room
iii) Bikana Heritage Rail Museum, Bikaner
Southern Railway(3) Regional Rail Museum, ICF, Chennai
Metupalayam Rail Museum, Salem Division
Rail Museum at Trichy.
South Central Rly.(1) Heritage Museum at Rail Nilayam premises, Secunderabad
South Eastern Rly.(1) Rail Museum/Heritage Building (VIRASAT BHAWAN) near South Institute at Adra
South East Central Rly (2) i) Narrow Gauge Rail Museum Kamptee Toad, Kadbi Chowk, Motibagh, Nagpur.
ii) Rail Museum (Dharohar Sangrahalaya) at Nainpur Railway Station.
South Western Rly.(1) Regional Rail Museum at K.R.S. Road, Mysore
Western Railway(6) Rail Museum
Rail Museum at Pratpnagar Railway Institute/Vadodara Division
Heritage Gallery at National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR)
Heritage Gallery
i) At HQ Office building
ii) On Platform No. at Rajkot Station
iii) At Ahmedabad Station
Heritage Park
Near Dabhoi Railway Station /Vadodara Division
West Central Rly.(1) Heritage Park within Wagon Repair Shop/Kota
Metro Railway /Kolkata (1) Heritage Room at Dum Dum Car Depot Complex/Noapara


There are two railway museums on Java, that at Ambarawa operates occasional private special trains up the rack railway. See the unofficial site (updated 6th October 2014), the museum had been closed for some time for rehabilitation but has now reopened. For a look at the new Ambarawa, take a look at Damar Ananggadipa's report (8th January 2015), he has now followed it up with notes and a comprehensive set of pictures showing the major changes made (13th August 2015)..

That in Jakarta is 100% static. See the unofficial site

A new (railway and mining heritage) museum is being established at Sawahlunto in West Sumatra, until recently a major coal mine. E1060 has been returned from Ambarawa as an operating exhibit (added 30th November 2008)


The country's first railway museum has opened in Mashhad, the major exhibits include Cowans Sheldon Steam Crane 6875.  For a brief introduction see (Link dead by May 2023) (4th April 2018).



Japan (Minor update 4th April 2019)

James Waite's visit to Japan (link below with links to further reports) spurred me to research these properly.

For an excellent English language summary of railway museums in Japan visit (link dead October 2017), there are far too many small museums to list here. The site has detailed information on Japanese steam in general, (link dead October 2017). 

There is a national railway museum at Omiya / Saitams in the northern outskirts of Tokyo which is not actually the major steam locomotive site (see Umekoji below), and For more information on the exhibits check out (link dead October 2017). See also a report from James Waite's April 2015 visit (14th May 2015).

Also in Tokyo, the Ome Railway Park, an open air museum in the north western outskirts of the city, and Also the Tobu Transport Museum, 

The Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum in Kyoto is Japan's largest, It's history is described in detail here, (link dead October 2017). It had been closed for some time for redevelopment but reopened at the end of April 2016. James Waite was there a week later and his photoreport shows a most impressive attraction (19th June 2016).

The Meiji Village museum in Nagoya, while not strictly a railway museum has an operating steam railway, and, see also James Waite's report (14th May 2015).

There are references on the web to the Modern Transportation Museum in Osaka, However, this closed in December 2014 and major exhibits were moved to Umekoji (above).

Gianfrancesco Capoferri visited the small museum at Saga Torokko, Kyoto on the Sagano Scenic Railway and has sent some pictures of the steam exhibits (13th February 2016, extra picture added 4th April 2019).


There are occasional private steam charters.


Part of the old station at Johor Bahru has been converted into a small railway museum. Exhibits include Pacific 564.36 'Temerloh' and a 1919 Cowan's Sheldon hand crane (4th August 2012). Pictures of exhibits can be found by starting with this picture of 564.36 (thanks to Thomas Kautzor for this, 6th February 2013).

The old shed at Tumpat appears to have museum status, I don't have full details of what is there but it includes a Cowan's Sheldon steam crane.

The North Borneo Railway operates regular steam out of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. See The state museum in Kota Kinabalu has steam locomotives exhibited, as does the national museum in Kuala Lumpur.


Colin Young tells me that there is a small open air museum in Ulaan Bataar, which he saw from a passing bus but didn't visit. There are at least 3 steam locomotives here, one of which is a P36. Torsten Schneider has provided more information and some pictures (extra picture, 22nd December 2009). For instructions on access, see Colin Martindale's 2009 report (17th December 2009). John Middleton has provided a comprehensive set of pictures (27th November 2014).


There have been occasional private steam charters, as of December 2008, these were at best suspended or worst finished.


There are very occasional private steam charters.


There is a museum near Rawalpindi. See the Pakistan Railways website but by 27th March 2012 all mention of the museum had been removed!. 

There are occasional private steam charters and semi-public trains up the Khyber Pass from time to time, although as of late-2007 services had been suspended for some time after monsoon damage.


Karel Brouwers writes (4th June 2010):

"I was reading the report by Thomas Kautzor on the Philippine railway situation in 2007. I am happy to report that since then efforts have been underway to preserve the equipment here and establish a Philippine National Railroad museum.. This effort has been undertaken by the Railway and Industrial Heritage Society of the Philippines with assistance from the PNR. You might like to take a peek at our new web site, link broken 5th April 2019. We have restored Buda car # 22 that was mentioned by Mr. Kautzor and it is now on display in the main Station in Tutoban which is no longer unused and is occupied by the Management of the PNR. The other railcar mentioned is Buda 21. We have that one in a member's warehouse in safe keeping. This year the hope of the society is that we will finally get our workshop and some exhibition space for the engines here. Plans are to restore and operate the locomotives again. Yes it is not real working steam but we will be able to recreate period trains as there are several still existing freight wagons..."

Saudi Arabia (23rd September 2018)

The area around the old Hedjaz Railway station at Medina / Madinah has been converted into a museum, exhibits include two steam locomotives one of them restored to serviceable status. Mike Gibby visited in 2018 and sent me a photo report (23rd September 2018).

South Korea

Several reports on the web describe briefly a railway museum at Seoul Station opened in 1987 (3rd December 2008) but a 2008 blog reports it as being near derelict, I cannot trace any mention of steam locomotives being present here.

There is a further railway museum at Uiwang, it has steam locomotives present. lists quite a few preserved steam locomotives in the country but does not mention this location although it reports steam locomotives at Bugok, which I believe is the former name of Uiwang station. A restored relic of the Korean war (apparently a 4-8-2) is displayed at Imjingak Park, Paju (added 10th January 2009) - see the link below.

John Middleton was in South Korea in January 2012 and his report includes the railway museum at Uiwang and a list of known preserved steam locomotives (3rd August 2012). I have now (11th January 2014) added pictures from Bill Pugsley of the locomotives at Imjingak and Jeju.

Sri Lanka

As of 27th December 2014, there is a National Railway Museum at Kadugannawa, west of  Peradenya. It doesn't have a website, but you can probably work out quite a lot by looking at the pictures here,  For opening hours etc see the brief Wikipedia entry (all this 16th October 2015)..

There are occasional private steam charters. A new museum in Colombo opened in May 2009 - see (link dead by 21st October 2013). Keith Smith was in here in September 2009, quite where it stands now the NRM is open at Kadugannawa (above), I don't know.


There are occasional private steam charters, in former years there were weekend steam specials from Damascus up to which may resume at least in part. Thomas Kautzor has forwarded some pictures and information from Ernst Hallas on the works at Cadem which have, in effect, become a museum (24th December 2008). Mark Enderby was here in October 2010 and has provided a list of steam locomotives present (6th November 2010).


There is a museum at Miaoli, there are some pictures at the time it was set up, which include a then active Hitachi steam crane (24th March 2013). There are plans to convert the old steam shed at Changhua into a national railway museum


Now that most trains use the new station at Bang Sue, Bangkok's Hualampong station is being turned into a railway museum. Trevor Heath has sent me a picture (7th September 2021) which shows a number of restored exhibits but with no sign of people present, it is unclear whether it has yet 'opened for business'.

There are occasional public steam specials from Bangkok to Ayuthaya, traditionally these occur on 26th March, 12th August, 23rd October and 5th December. Tickets are available some 2-3 weeks in advance but often just jumping on the train and paying will work if they are officially 'sold out'. For preserved steam locomotives in the country check this list.

There is a small private museum in Bangkok, in the park north of the 'Weekend Market', see my report, also several exhibits outside the National Science Exhibition Centre at Ekkemai in Bangkok..


There is a museum at Camlik, see this unofficial website Other places of museum interest are also covered on this comprehensive site. However, it is now under threat of closure owing to lack of money - see Alan Castle's full report  (updated 17th June 2011). Some time back, Keith Smith supplied some pictures of the Camlik museum (1st October 2008), now I have added a more complete selection from Clive Hepworth (19th October 2013). No-one has reported lately, but TripAdvisor makes it clear that it is still open as of .May 2015 (12th May 2015).

James Waite has sent a report on the preserved railway attractions of Istanbul, which includes the Rahmi M Koç museum, Istanbul (added 2nd October 2007). Richard Foster has added an update (29th January 2010) which indicates that narrow gauge steam will soon be running in the heart of Istanbul. Thomas Kautzor visited the museum in April 2016 and reports on further progress in this world class attraction (21st May 2016).

There is a railway museum in Ankara, see which includes among its exhibits 10 rusty steam locomotives in an open air park (3rd December 2008), the museum at Eskişehir has no steam locomotive but has a plinthed 0-6-0T nearby (3rd December 2008).


See Torsten Schneider's pictures of the Tashkent Railway Museum and a further set from Colin Young (extra picture, 22nd December 2009). For instructions on access, see Colin Martindale's 2009 report (17th December 2009). John Gordon visited in September 2016 and found things much as before (21st September 2016).

Rob Dickinson