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The Ambarawa Railway Museum, 2014

The Ambarawa Railway Museum had a long period of closure while it was being given a makeover and officially reopened in October 2014. Damar Ananggadipa visited it shortly afterwards and has sent me some pictures to which I have added an edited version of his email. Note that a major reorganisation has since taken place and this is reflected in his report of a July 2015 visiy.

Basically, while much has been done, the museum represents 'work in progress'. I understand that the plan is to bring the major exhibits under cover so that proper restoration can be carried out after they have been exposed to the tropical elements for some 40 years. In the long term, selected items will brought into the condition where they can be steamed again like B5112.

This is how visitors will now approach the main station building:

Along the way they will pass the turntable which really needs to be made operational again, not just a link between shed and station:

B2711 is looking very nice on its mount (compare it when relatively newly arrived in 1980 -  

One major associated development is that the line up from Kedungjati (on the Semerang to Solo line) is being brought back to life. That means that the east side platform will be needed for 'real trains' and hence the disused west platform had track relaid in it which connects directly to the shed - note the vintage sleepers which I assume were recovered from the Kedungjati line:

The old goods shed is almost unrecognisable, maybe it will be used as a museum shop:

There's some new items of rolling stock including D301.24 formerly based at Cepu. Other items not shown here include the standard gauge coach formerly at Magelang market and a guard's van 'from the Madurese sultanate'.

The condition of BB1012 gives some idea of the work to be done, I fancy that behind it is the developing wall of the new exhibition hall.

And if I had one wish, it would be to see a tram loco running again in Java. I'm not fussy which one but B2014 would do nicely not least because it's the only such class existing in the 1970s which I didn't see working. It would be just perfect for a shuttle train to Jambu or Tuntang...

Rob Dickinson