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Surviving Railway Cranes in Asia (East)

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Chris Capewell (chriscapewell AT has provided the following data, he would greatly appreciate additions, corrections and confirmation for data with a yellow background.

We would welcome more pictures of cranes in this list which can be used to illustrate the article, as links are notoriously ephemeral.

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South Korea
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  • Coltman = Walter W. Coltman and Co, Central Boiler Works, Loughborough, UK
  • CS = Cowans Sheldon and Co, Ltd., Carlisle, UK
  • Figee = Gebr. Figee, Haarlem, Netherlands
  • Hitachi = Hitachi, Japan
  • R&R = Ransomes and Rapier, Ipswich, UK
  • TSSR = Thomas Smith and Sons (Rodley) near Leeds, UK
  • Wilson = John Wilson & Co, Liverpool (and Birkenhead), UK
  • FMSR = Federated Malay States Railway
  • MR = Malayan Railway
  • PSR = Perak State Railway
  • PTKA = Perusahaan Terbatas Kereta Api (Indonesian State Railway)
  • BLC = Bogie Locomotive Crane
  • BCC:=  Bogie Coaling Crane
  • MoS = Ministry of Supply (UK)
  • RB = Relieving Bogie
  • WD = War Department (UK) 
Each entry is arranged as follows after the location:
Number Railway Gauge Diesel, Electric
and, Steam
Capacity in tons Wheels Works Number Comments


There is now (February 2014) a working preserved example of a Z151 at the Shenyang Railway Museum - - thanks to John Raby for this news (26th February 2014). This is the only one known so far, hopefully others will follow.

A fairly recent 'import' (September 2012) is a steam crane (TSC 9885) from Myanmar - see below which has been donated to the railway museum in Kunming (23rd December 2018), see (link dead by July 2020). There is a picture about half way down this report

The national rail system has no steam cranes in service; but industrial users have several breakdown cranes (Z601 type) and coaling cranes (Z151/Z152 type) still in operational service, many are ex CNR. Apart from the examples below, there are more pictures available on a separate page. In 1999, a standard Z151 type fuels a JF at Tongchuan (Rob Dickinson photo):

This is a Z601 at Jalainur opencast mine in 2007 (Rob Dickinson photo):

This is a Z151 at Beitai Steelworks in 2003 (Rob Dickinson photo):

This is a Z152 at Sandaoling in 2005 (Rob Dickinson photo) :

An interesting example in industrial use is………..
Hegang, Hegang Mining Railway

LK3-516 ?ex Manchuria Railway. SG S ?60T 6+6W Dalian Locomotive Factory / ca.1935 American prototype; Dalian built copy, licensed or otherwise?


For more information on the Figee cranes see dead by May 2023) (12th December 2013)

This Figee crane is preserved at the Balai Yasar (workshop) at Yogyakarta,.picture from Aryo Hartanto Wibowo (added 30th April 2023): (domain dead by October 2017)
Manggarai Works, Jakarta

1067mm S 15T 6-4W Figee 1956/1916

These pictures are from Aryo Hartanto Wibowo (added 30th April 2023):

Click here for a report.
Gubeng Works, Surabaya

1067mm H 15T  6W Wilson ?/?1918

Click here for a report.
PTKA Jember Depot

UHMU3 1067mm H to D 15T  6W Wilson ?/?1918

 in use 2008

This picture is by Rob Dickinson (link broken by July 2020)
Ambarawa, Railway Museum

UH-955 1067mm H 6T   Figee 725/1906 Formerly at Semarang Poncol.

This is Nick Bryant's 2001 picture taken at Semarang Poncol (added 26th October 2011):

Semboro Sugar Mill, East Java (added 20th October 2011)

700 mm H

These are Thomas Kautzor's photographs -  it looks 'home made':


This information is based on automatic translations of Japanese websites and, as such, is not very reliable! First hand observations would be appreciated. (10th December 2011)

Japanese Railway Museums' website: (link found broken on 27th October 2017)

A note re the symbol "ソ"
In Japanese the Soviet Union is often represented as “ソ”. So, it is possible to misunderstand “ソ” indicates products of the USSR. 
Actually “ソ” represents the first character of Sojusha, a carriage for handling heavy objects. It also appears to mean strong man and an images search will bring forward many pictures of sportsmen!, particularly sumo wrestlers. (link broken by 12th April 2018)

Otaru Transportation Museum , Hokkaido
34 JNR 3'6" S to D 65T 6+6W JNR Hamamatsu Factory and Hitachi / ca.1947 Type " ソso-30"

This is Thomas Kautzor's picture from March 2017 (added 9th September 2017):
Mikasa Railway Museum, Hokkaido

81 JNR 3'6" D 65T 6+6W JNR Hamamatsu Factory and Hitachi / 1956 Type " ソso-80"
Unknown Location 

Confirmation required.

180 JNR 3'6" D 65T 6+6W JNR Hamamatsu Factory and Hitachi / 1969
Type " ソso-80". 180 was at Sakuma Railpark which closed in 2009; it may now be reserved for the recently opened Nagoya Museum, Chubu, but their website ( does not mention it. (link dead July 2020) (link dead July 2020)
Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park, Yokokawa, Gunma, Kanto

300 JNR 3'6" D 65T 8+8+8+8W Hitachi / 1996
Type " ソ so-300" bridge construction crane

Malaysia - website under reconstruction 26th April 2014
Johor Bahru Sentral Station, Museum

107 MG H 10T 4W CS 4032/1919 New here by March 2012, not present at opening in 2010

These 2012 pictures (added 28th November 2012) are courtesy of Eddie Barnes, the crane was previously preserved at Tampin.

Gemas (Old station area) - updated 27th September 2013

L0440-35 PSR./ FMSR MG H 10T 6W R&R 364/1893 Believed to be the crane that used to be in Kuala Lumpur (or just like it!)

These pictures of the above crane were taken by Les Gregory in Kuala Lumpur in 2005.:

Tumpat Railway Museum

L042505 Crown Agents for FMSR  MG S 40T 4-8-4RB  CS 9188/1950!i=1466095355&k=Rvmcm6q (added 6th February 2012)

 Prai (Butterworth)

S ?5T 4W TSSR /19?? 7’ gauge Coaling Crane
MR MG H 10T 6W R&R

The first three pictures are of the coaling crane at Prai, left above, Les Gregory  2013, right above Peter Green 2009, below left Rob Dickinson 1979. Finally the hand Crane, Les Gregory 2013.

Myanmar (Burma)

By January 2017, Manfred Schoelr reported that with the exception of 9876 at Mottama, all the other surviving steam cranes were 'stored' at Insein Works, I am not sure if this includes 9881 from the isolated section at Hinthada. It now appears that 628 was still at Lashio at that stage as it was certainly there at the end of 2018 (note added 20th April 2020).

The following list was necessarily never completely up-to-date, owing to the numbers involved and likely movements, the last known location is given... By and large the latest update for 12/2011 on 17th February 2012, since when TSSC 9885 has been donated to the railway museum in Kunming, China in September 2012, see (23rd December 2018, link dead by July 2020).

30TSC628 MG S 30T 6-4W CS 4865/1929 Lashio, 1/2006 and 12/2011
25TSC9876 MG S 25T 6-4W CS 5304/1933 Myitkyina, Insein Works, 1/2002 (for overhaul) ex-works 2/2005 to Mottama by 12/2011
30TSC9878 MG S 25T 6-4W CS 5373/1933 Ex-Insein Works, 1/2002 at Insein in 12/2011 for boiler repair. Stored at Insein Works in 1/2015
30TSC9881 MG S 30T 6-4W CS 5630/1934 Hinthada, 1/2003
30TSC9883 MG S 30T 6-4W CS 826?/1943 ex WD 1664, Thazi Junction, 1/2006, ex-Insein Works, 2/2000, one of CS 8262 or 8263 ordered by MoS
30TSC9884 MG S 30T 6-4W CS 8???/1943 Pyinoolin, 12/2008 and 1/2010, ex WD 178, one of CS 8183, 8262 or 8263 ordered by MoS. 
35TSC9885 MG S 35T 6-4W CS 8625/1945 Mahlwagon, 2004, Insein Works 2/2006 and 1/2007
35TSC9886 MG S 35T 6-4W CS 8626/1945 Insein Works, 1/2002 (for overhaul), Mohnyin by 2/2007.
Click here for a report. 
35TSC9887 MG S 35T 6-4W CS 8628/1945 Mawlamyine but stored at Insein Works in 1/2015.
35TSC9888 MG S 35T 6-4W CS 8627/1945 Mohnyin. Not there in 2/2007, at Insein Works, 2/2005 for overhaul.


30T 628 at Lashio in February 1997 (Manfred Schoeler)

30T 9876 at Insein, February 2005 (Rob Dickinson photo)

This is the same crane 9876 at Mottama (allocated to MTBN, Murtaban) in January 2017 (Andreas Illert picture) where it is said to be potentially the last active example

This picture of 30T 9884 at Pyin Ooo Lin in December 2008 is courtesy of Manfred Schoeler:

35T 9886 at Mohnyin in February 2007 (Rob Dickinson photo)

35T 9888 at Insein, February 2005 (Rob Dickinson photo)

Singapore Harbour Front Ferry Terminal

Sir John Jackson 7’G S 10T 4W Wilson 683/1907 The boiler was made by Coltman. Sir John Jackson (Limited) were the contractors for building Singapore's dockyards in the 1930s.

These pictures are courtesy of Dominic Bryant.

South Korea (updated 27th December 2013)

Korean National Railway Museum

There appears to be a preserved crane here illustrated on this page (Link dead by May 2023) A plaque dates it to 1927, it is either American or a Japanese copy, rebuilt at some stage with a larger boiler. This is John Middleton's picture:


Changhua and
At Changhua in 2010 (added 24th March 2013)
In action at Miaoli earlier (added 24th March 2013)
It was confirmed present at Changhua in March 2015, but not accessible to visitors.

90224 TRA 1067mm S 65T Hitachi /1950 ?6+6W

This is Su I-Jaw's picture:


A hand crane of unknown origin was present at Beimen depot in March 2015. Since this on the Alishan Railway, the gauge will be 762mm (2' 6")


Tham Krasae, Kwai line (hand crane added 3rd April 2014)

Siam State Railway MG H Click here for 2012 picture.

Makkasan Works, Bangkok

BLC 22 Siam State Railway MG S ?25T 4+4W TSSR 11205/1930?

Chumphon (hand crane added 3rd April 2014)

BLC 23 Siam State Railway MG S ?25T 4+4W TSSR 11206/1930? No recent reports
B.C.1 Siam State Railway MG H 10T 8W R&R B6336/1912 Click for 2013 pictures.

Nakhon Sawan (added 8th July 2015)

n.a. H n.a.

This is Peter Green's 2015 picture: (link dead 26th April 2014) (link dead by October 2014)

Nakhon Lampang

BLC 25 Siam State Railway MG S ?25T 4+4W TSSR 11208/1930?

This is James Waite's picture:

Sungei Kolok

BLC 21 Siam State Railway MG S ?25T 4+4W TSSR 11204/1930?

Seen in January 2009 (Peter Green picture)

Pak Nam Pho

BLC 11 Siam State Railway MG H 12T 4+4W TSSR 9931/1923
BLC 24 Siam State Railway MG S 25T 4+4W TSSR 11207/1930?

11 in January 2008 (Peter Green picture)

24 in January 2008 (Peter Green picture)

Thonburi Depot


This is Thomas Kautzor's 2001 photograph (left, added 20th October 2011), the crane was still at the depot on 3rd December 2015 (right, Peter Green photograph):

Operational until quite recently  - updated 24th June 2015.

31 RSR MG S ?75T ?6+6W Hitachi 26195/1955 in existence at Hat Yai in 2009, October 2010 and 12th January 2012 see
This is C 26195 reported earlier. By June 2015 at Thonburi after conversion to diesel operation and expected to go to Hat Yai
32 RSR MG S ?75T ?6+6W Hitachi / 1955 at work in 2007 near Prachuap Khirikahn see
At Chumphon on 18th May 2013. By June 2015 at Thonburi after conversion to diesel operation and expected to go to Hat Yai (? anyway south).
33 RSR MG S ?75T ?6+6W Hitachi / 1955 at Nakhon Rathchasima in 2006 and still there in June 2011,

This is 31 at Hat Yai in February 2009 (Nick Hiscock photograph, added 25th January 2013)

This is 32 at Chumphon in April 2008 (Peter Green photograph)

This is 33 in action at Thung Song way back in 1977 (Rob Dickinson photo):

This is 31 at Thonburi in June 2015 after diesel conversion (Peter Green picture). 32 in a similar condition was under cover.


Bernd Seiler originally reported "Thai Nguyen steelworks has at least one serviceable steam crane (which was never in use when I was there). I remember to have seen two steam cranes there." All standard gauge material in the country is relatively recent and originated in China when the 'new' link between Hanoi and Guangxi was completed ca 1954.

This is James Waite's picture from April 2008, Chris Capewell says that similar Dalian built 'wrecker' (breakdown) cranes have been found in China.

These cranes also appear to be Chinese in origin (Z151 or Z152) the first was certainly active for a group visit in 2014. The pictures are courtesy of Tim Doling (added 7th November 2014):

Rob Dickinson