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Preserved / Extant Steam Locos and Steam Cranes in Thailand

In parallel with this list I am developing a list to cover steam rollers and other steam engines in Thailand. Click here for that list (latest update 26th July 2018 - this may not be correct as I don't always remember to update it!).

The following list has evolved over a period of time having been prepared originally by Rob Boer (RMB Rail Asia) with the able assistance of the Thai Railfans Club. I corrected one or two errors in the file I received, but it is a well established fact that the numbers painted on many of the RSR locomotives are a work of fiction and some have changed over the years. As on all railways, in any case what you see today is almost certainly a mixture of parts from similar locomotives. Corrections, additions and updates are very welcome - send them to the address at the bottom of the page.

This page has received a major makeover in January 2013 with the addition of links to images of virtually all the entries.  I would particularly like to thank Michael Pass, Peter Green, Chris Yapp, James Waite and Brian Garvin who have travelled widely in the country researching and provided much of the more recent information. My thanks also to all those who provided the pictures, when you click an image link their names will be shown; as well as the above these are Chris Cairns, Phil Gibbins, Nick Hiscock, Hans Hufnagel and Karl Seltenhammer. Mention should also be made of the late Basil Roberts and John Blyth who were delving round here more than 40 years ago before even I got to the country...

Michael Pass has been working on 'Thai Steam Today' which
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Former RSR locomotives listed by latest NUMBER CARRIED - in many case this is either disputed or plain wrong!

Bangkok (Hua Lamphong station) 54 0-6-2T 1909 Henschel (Germany) 9359 ex standard gauge (2) (40) (51) Image
Bangkok (Hua Lamphong station) 61 0-6-0T 1911 Brush (UK) 322 (40)(51) Image
Kabin Buri 63 0-6-0T 1911 Brush (UK) 324 (7) Image
Lop Buri 161 4-6-0 1915 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 19967 (carries 21616) Original number 38, carried 165 during 1960s/70s. Image
Bangkok (Hua Lamphong station) 165 4-6-0 1912 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 19971 (2) (40) (51) probably 171 Image
Nakhon Sawon (Ban Non Pling) 171 4-6-0 1919 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 21760 Actually 179 Image
Kanchanaburi (War museum) 175 4-6-0 1918 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 21140 (1) probably actually 175 despite original doubts Image
Sungai Kolok 175 4-6-0 1919 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 21758 Actually 158 Image
Ban Phachi 177 4-6-0 1919 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 21759 Image
Chumpon 178 4-6-0 1919 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 21810 Image
Ubon Ratchathani 180 4-6-0 1912 North British, Hyde Park (UK)  22266 Actually 181 Image
Phitsanulok 181 4-6-0 1918 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 22263 (22260) Almost certainly 173, (although has a plate from 183) Image
Chachoengsao 182 4-6-0 1919 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 22258 Actually 176 Image
Pattani 183 4-6-0 1919 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 22260 (28) Actually 196 Image
Prachuab Khiri Khan 226 4-6-2 1925 Baldwin (United States) 58612, carries 58670 Wah Koh science museum Image
Chumpon 235 4-6-2 1926 Baldwin (United States) 58675 (59441 plate) Actually 229 Image
Hat Yai 244 4-6-2 1928 Baldwin (United States) 60410 Image
Nakhon Ratchasima 261 4-6-2 1928 Hanomag (Germany) 10601 (10604) Actually 266 Image
Jesada Technik Museum (Nakhon Chaisi) 263 4-6-2 1928 Hanomag (Germany) 10603 (35) sectioned for display, now has dummy half boiler Image
Sila At 274 4-6-2 1928 Hanomag (Germany) 10614 Image
Thung Song 277 4-6-2 1929 Hanomag (Germany) 10657 Image
Bangkok (Hua Lamphong station) 278 4-6-2 1929 Hanomag (Germany) 10658 (16) (40) (51) Actually 269 Image
Pattaya 279 4-6-2 1929 Hanomag (Germany) 10659 Siam Country Club Image
Hua Hin (opposite station) 305 2-8-2 1925 Baldwin (United States) 58672 Actually 306 Image
Phichit - Province! (see Note 25) 326 2-8-2 1924 Batignolles (France) 210 (25) Image
Bangkok (Hua Lamphong station) 336 2-8-0 1913 SLM, Winterthur (Switzerland) 2332 (2) (40) ex-RhB 123
Actually 340
Chiang Mai 340 2-8-0 1912 SLM Winterthur (Switzerland) 2208 ex RhB 118, NOT 340! Image
Rangsit 351 2-8-2 1936 Kisha Seizo Kaisha (Japan) (5) Image
Rangsit 353 2-8-2 1936 Kisha Seizo Kaisha (Japan) (5) Image
Kanchanaburi (station square) 457 2-8-2+2-8-2 1936 Henschel (Germany) 23109 Image
Tha Sao (Nam Tok) 702 2-6-0 1935 Mitsubishi (Japan) 156 ex-JNR C56.4,
installed on 12th May 1995
Bangkok (depot Thonburi) 713 2-6-0 1935 Hitachi (Japan) 628 ex-JNR C56.15 Image
Bangkok (Hua Lampong station) 714 2-6-0 1935 Hitachi (Japan) 629 ex-JNR C56.16 Image
Bangkok (depot Thonburi) 715 2-6-0 1935 Nippon Sharyo (Japan) 374 ex-JNR C56.17 Image
Kanchanaburi (River Kwae bridge) 719 2-6-0 1936 Kisha Seizo (Japan) 1352 ex-JNR C56.23 Image
Nakhon Lampang 728 2-6-0 1936 Kisha Seizo (Japan) 414 ex JNR C56.36 Image
Bangkok (Makkasan workshop) 733 2-6-0 1936 Mitsubishi (Japan) 176 (2) ex JNR C56.47
Actually 738
Salaya 738 2-6-0 1936 Mitsubishi (Japan) 182 (42) ex-JNR C56.41
Actually 733
Chiang Mai (south-west of city) 744 2-6-0 1936 Kawasaki (Japan) 1703 (6) ex-JNR C56.53 Image
Ratchaburi (army engineers museum) 756 4-6-0 1922 Beyer Peacock (UK) 6115 ex JNR C52.17 / ex NIS 397 (18) Image
Aura Farm 45km north of Khon Kaen '187' 4-6-2 1919 NBL (UK) 22509 The real 804 (FMSR 185, not 187) See note 49 for former location.


Kanchanaburi (River Kwae bridge) '804' 4-6-2 1917 Kitson (UK) 5162 Carries 804 but is actually 810 (FMSR 190), for 804 see above, details for 810.. Image
Bangkok (depot Thonburi) 824 4-6-2 1949 Nippon Sharyo (Japan) 1524 Carries a plate from 827 or 828) Image
Bangkok (depot Thonburi) 850 4-6-2 1950 Nippon Sharyo (Japan) 1547 Carries a plate from 835 Image
Lampang (see notes) 943 2-8-2 1950 Mitsubishi (Japan) 691 (27) Image
Bangkok (old Thonburi Station site) 950 2-8-2 1950 Mitsubishi (Japan) 695 (46) Image
Bangkok (depot Thonburi) 953 2-8-2 1950 Hitachi (Japan) 2051 Image
Bangkok (Makkasan workshop) 955 2-8-2 1950 Keisha Seizo Kaisha (Japan) 2598-600 (17) Image
Khao Fachi (La-Un near Ranong) 962 2-8-2 1950 Hitachi (Japan) 2054 previous location: Thonburi


Bangkok (Makkasan workshop) 965 2-8-2 1950 Hitachi (Japan) 2055 (17)


Locomotives believed to exist but location uncertain

Unknown location 228 4-6-2 1925 Baldwin (United States) 58614 (22)
Unknown location 338 2-8-0 1913 SLM Winterthur (Swiss) 2331 ex RhB 122(22)

Steam Cranes: See - link dead by 26th April 2014 - for a 2005 historical note.

I have finally real;ised that this list is out of date and superceded by my Railway Cranes in East Asia page. I have retained the table for historical reasons.

Sungai Kolok CR 21 Thomas Smith & Sons (UK) 11204 Image
Bangkok (Makkasan workshop) CR 22 Thomas Smith & Sons (UK) 11205
Chumpon CR 23 Thomas Smith & Sons (UK) 11206 flat car: 11209. not seen lately
Pak Nampho CR 24 Thomas Smith & Sons (UK) 11207 Image
Nakhon Lampang CR 25 Thomas Smith & Sons (UK) 11208 Image
Pak Nampho BCC 11 Thomas Smith & Sons (UK) Image
Hat Yai 31 1955 Hitachi (Japan) C 26195 (38) Image
(Prachuap Khirikhan) 32 1955 Hitachi (Japan) (37) Image
Nakon Rachasima 33 1955 Hitachi (Japan) (39) Image

Former Maeklong Railway Locomotives:

Bangkok (Makkasan workshop) 1 0-4-2T 1903 Krauss (Germany) 5011 (32) Image
Paknam, Samut Prakan 2 0-4-2T 1903 Krauss (Germany) 5012 ex TRC (21 & 35) (43) Image
Pattaya - Siam Country Club 3 0-4-2T 1906 Krauss (Germany) 5418 ex TRC (13) Image
Bangkok (depot Bang Sue) 4 2-4-0T 1906 Krauss (Germany) 5427 ex-MRC (31) Image
Bangkok (Bang Sue, Kamphaeng Phet Road) 5 2-4-0T 1906 Krauss (Germany) 5428 ex MRC (20) Image
Bangkok (head office SRT) 6 2-4-0T 1908 Krauss (Germany) 6021 ex-MRC (19) Image
Say Yok (Home Phu Thoey) 11 4-6-2 1952 Henschel (Germany) 22403 ex MRC (15) Image
Ayutthaya 12 4-6-2 1952 Henschel (Germany) 22404 ex MRC (15) (50)


Ex Ko Kha and Wang Khapi Sugar Mill Locomotives, 750mm gauge unless otherwise stated:

Ko Kha (near Lampang) 1 0-4-2T 1921 Baguley (UK) 2010 TIP Image
Lampang (Technical College) 2 0-4-2T 1901 OK 855 TIP (36) Image
Tak (see note 30) 3 0-6-0T 1926 Avonside (UK) 1928 TIP (30) Image
Chiang Mai (see note 29] 4 0-4-2T TIP (29) Image
Ko Kha (near Lampang) 6 2-4-2 1947 Vulcan Iron Works (USA) 4655 TIP Image
Ko Kha (near Lampang) 7 2-4-2 1947 Vulcan Iron Works (USA) 4657 TIP Image
Ko Kha (near Lampang) 8 2-4-2 1947 Vulcan Iron Works (USA) 4654 TIP Image
Wang Khapi (near Uttaradit) 1 0-4-2T 1921 Baguley (UK) 2009 ex 8 TIP (11) Image
Wang Khapi (near Uttaradit) 10 2-4-0T 1908 Krauss (Germany) 5987 TIP - 1000 mm (12) Image

SRJ locomotives (all 750mm gauge)

Pattaya - Siam Country Club 2 0-4-0T 1915 Kerr Stuart (UK) 2387 ex SRJ  Image
Sri Racha (on the waterfront by 2008) 6 (7) 0-6-0 1912 Orenstein & Koppel (Germany) 5335 ex SRJ (34)(44) Image
Sri Racha (factory at Chompon) 7 (6) 0-6-0 1928 Orenstein & Koppel (Germany) 11789 ex SRJ (44) Image
Sri Racha (factory at Chompon) 8 0-4-2ST 1909 Hudswell Clark (UK) 900 ex SRJ (34) Image
Sri Racha 9 0-4-2T 1890 Hudswell Clark (UK) 367 (33) Image
South of Pattaya (Sukhumvit Road) 12 0-6-0T 1952 Henschel (Germany) 22401 ex SRJ (9) Image
Sri Racha (Park) 14 0-6-0T 1952 Henschel (Germany) 22402 ex SRJ Image

Former Sung Noen wood line locomotives (all 600mm gauge)

Bangkok (Makkasan workshop) 31 0-4-0T 1949 Kyosan Kogyo (Japan) 6070 600 mm (3) Image
Hat Yai 32 0-4-0T 1949 Kyosan Kogyo (Japan) 6071 600 mm (14) Image
Bangkok (Chatuchak Museum) 33 0-4-0T 1949 Kyosan Kogyo (Japan) 6072 600 mm (48) Image
Bangkok (Makkasan workshop) 7 0-6-2T 1921 Hudswell Clark (UK) Image
Chumpon 9 0-6-2T 1895 Hudson & Co. (UK) BG says should be 2 Image

Locomotives which never worked in Thailand:

Thong Somboon Club 0-4-0T 1959 Kyosan Kogyo (Japan) 10089 750mm (24)  Image
Jesada Technik Museum (Nakhon Chaisi) 0-4-0T 1912 Hanomag 6012 standard gauge (47) Image

Thai steam locomotives preserved elsewhere:

Tokyo, Japan 725 2-6-0 1936 Nippon (Japan) 409 ex-JNR C56 31
Senzu, Japan 735 2-6-0 1936 Mitsubishi (Japan) 179 ex-JNR C56 44 Image
Walhalla, Victoria, Australia 103 0-6-0T 1956 Henschel (Germany) 25427 Ex-Chonburi Sugar Mill (45) Image
Dalby, Queensland, Australia 104 0-6-0T 1956 Henschel (Germany) 29583 Ex-Chonburi Sugar Mill Image
Gulben, Latvia 105 0-6-0T 1956 Henschel (Germany) 29582 Ex-Chonburi Sugar Mill Image
Private, UK 106 0-6-0T 1956 Henschel (Germany) 29584 Ex-Chonburi Sugar Mill Image

Other locos reported long ago and not reported recently (Remember painted numbers on locos are unreliable... and the builders numbers here are theoretical!)

Aranya Pradet 156 4-6-0 1912 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 19962 Ramaer Book, not found by BG in 2006 or MP in 2009
Den Chai 174 4-6-0 1935 (?) North British, Hyde Park (UK) 21762 I believe an error on the list I was given, the Ramaer book shows a loco (17?) south of Sila At 
Khon Kaen 196? 4-6-0 North British, Hyde Park (UK) Ramaer Book, no recent reports, not found by MP who is based here!
Udon Thani 197 4-6-0 1917 North British, Hyde Park (UK) 21811 Ramaer Book, Rod Farr report, not found by BG in 2006 or MP in 2009
Nong Pladuk 239(?) 4-6-2 1928 Baldwin (United States) 60405 Ramaer Book, not seen by any visitors passing through
Pak Chong 242 4-6-2 Baldwin (United States) Ramaer Book, reported displayed as 269 which was a Hanomag! No recent reports


FMSR  = Federated Malay States Railways
JNR  = Japanese National Railways
MRC  = Maeklong Railway Company (merged early on with TRC)
NIS  = Nederlandsch-Indische Spoorweg-Maatschappij (Indonesia)
RhB  = Rhätische Bahn (Switzerland)
SRT  = State Railway of Thailand
TRC  = Tachin Railway Company (merged early on with MRC)
TIP  = Thai Industry Promotion Co. Ltd. (state owned company for sugar production)


1 The engine belongs to a private museum (semi war) near 'the Bridge', it wrongly carries 175
2 Stored in undergrowth - last sighting 11.04.2002, by 2005 at least one of them said to be on a private estate in Phichit, most recently reported since reported (02.06) to be in a siding west of Makkasan.
3 ex Sung Noon line / For years this engine was plinthed at Chiang Mai station. Probably moved for refurbishing and to put in service for the 'Queens project' together with No.7 (both 600 mm gauge), but found dismantled (and unloved) in 2005. Reported in 02.06 to be largely intact in a wagon in a siding west of Makkasan.
4 Completely refurbished in 2003 and made test runs with new coaches - now in front of the main workshop - destined for the "Queen's project" (still not implemented in 2005)
5 Both machines were obtained by Asia Rice Mills and in use as stationary driving equipment through the years by and by built-in still in place in April 2006/December 2007/December 2010.
6 Stood for several years (1992) on the road to Mae Jo in Chiang Mai with 2 old coaches. Found to be at N18 44.301 E98 53.109 which is some way south-west from Chiang Mai in August 2012. See (link broken by 25th October 2016).  for the report, it is said to be at an abandoned resort with 4 old coaches. By November 2014 it was on road 1269 to Ban Pong on the left just before the old Veranda Resort (this is marked on Google Maps).
7 In 1988 the machine stood here on a turntable out of service
8 Located at the Siam Country Club / ex SRJ = Sri Maharacha Timber Company [closed]
9 ex SRJ. In 1993 many more dilapidated locomotives also diesel (all 750 mm) were still there as scrap. The new factory produces mattresses at Chompon (near Sri Racha) Hens 22401 reported at military museum on Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya near Jontiem in June 2008.
10 TIP = Thai Industry Promotion Co. Ltd. probably an ex Phra Puttabath Railway engine
11 Machine from the former Bang Bua Thong line (Bangkok - Thonburi - Wat Rahaeng)
12 ex Paknam Railway Nº 4 'Samrong'/Boiler: O & K 12607 - 1935 (ex Ko Kha Nº 5)
13 Located at the Siam Country Club / TRC = Tachin Railway Company, MRC = Mae Klong Railway Company (both merged and take over by the SRT in 1952)
14 ex Sung Noon line (for fire wood transportation), was outside station then in a park on Thammanoonwitheee Road and now outside station again. There is a '32' at Chomchei Cafe off route 4006 west of Bangkok ((13°48'29.5"N 100°20'58.4"E), 64 Soi Mu Ban Latdarom 4/1, Tambon Bang Khu Wiang, Amphoe Bang Kruai, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11130. However, Takahide Yamamoto has been to inspect it and reports it is a less than perfect replica and with standard gauge wheels (correction added 24th February 2018).
15 Together with Nº 11 these were the last steam engines supplied for Thailand and by that time still for the MRC = Mae Klong Railway. For some time 12 was located at a bungalow park at Jomtien beach, Pattaya but was reported in June 2008 to have been sold and later confirmed by Michael Pass to be at Phuseangthon Resort, Ban Rai, Uthai Thani in December 2010 and at Tako Temple, Luang Pho Ruai Phachi, Ayutthaya by 2022. #11 was reported to be in the Hell Fire Pass area (Weary Dunlop Memorial Park) by Chris Cairns in late 2007, confirmed by Michael Pass in December 2010.
16 Last sighting at the Bang Sue back yard: 14.03.1987, reported (02.06) to be at Makkasan.
17 In use as a stationary boiler for the workshop at least in 1986 and found abandoned at the back of the works in 2013 according to Michael Pass and also Locomotives International #88 (added 6th April 2014).
18 This machine is in an army museum. (APED = Army's Post Engineers Department) In 1994 there was a big discussion in the Bangkok post about a controversy this locomotive was stolen by an ex officer and put on his own land at Chonburi. 
19 As of 2010, the loco at Bang Sue carries "5", that at HQ "7". "5" has a plate Krauss 5428/1905 which matches the number, "7" has a plate Krauss 5427/1905 which would be right for "4", but there has been a loco with this number and plate consistently since 1961 at least (photo in Ramaer book, seen by Basil Roberts in 1971 and others later). There were 4 of these locos, the original 6 and 7 were 6021/1908 and 6098/1908. Take your pick, they're probably all a mixture - see also note 20 and 31 below. Michael Pass now says the loco at HQ is 6 and that at Bang Sue is 4.
20 No signs or number in a very bad condition, Brian Garvin says it must be MRC 2, later MRC 5. In July 2015 found to have moved to the SRT Engineering School near the Rotfai Park, Chatuchak. See also note 19 above and 31 below.
21 All exhibits in the Ekkamai museum were painted grey and neglected, but some were spruced up in 2007/9. Many have moved away completely any others nearby will move eventually.
22 Locomotive bought by Chiang Mai millionaire Mr. Lim on October 3.1980
23 Hudson were simply agents, the builder is not known
24 Never used locomotive found in a shed bound for demolishing in Bangkok around the nineties, mysterious delivery probably for a sugar factory or plantation, original records are missing. Thong Somboon Club is located just 4km N of Pak Chong. Formerly at the (now closed) small museum at Chatuchak Park.
25 This loco was bought by Maj.Gen. Sanan Kajornprasat and is now beautifully restored (in almost pristine condition) at his Kajorn Farm Resort, some 22 km from Dong Charoen and about 82 km South East of Phichit. From the intersection of highway 11 with 1069, take the turning east to the intersection with 1286 and follow the blue tourist signs to the vinyard and you will find the resort and loco on the left a few km before the vinyard itself. The loco is displayed with 2 coaches - a 1st class Baume & Marpent built in Belgium in 1954 and a Japanese Utsunomiya one, also 1954. 
26 Noted at Makkasan by Win Harthoorn in 2007 - it must have been inadvertently omitted
27 To "Black Iron Bridge" in Lampang in September 2022 Formerly in Bangkok on the far side of the Railway Park opposite Chatuchak Museum by 2008, but still at Bang Sue in late 2007.
28 Station formerly called Khok Pho. Plinthed in station approach, north east side of line.
29 Now Rajamakara Lanna University of Technology, which is very easy to find, being just downhill and opposite to Chiang Mai Zoo on Huai Kaeo Road N.W. from town centre (follow the Zoo signs and you can't go wrong !) The loco is situated in the right hand side of the campus, which is bisected by a little road and will be found opposite the nearside corner of the football field, which is next to the engineering block of buildings. 
30 University of Technology, Tak, which is on the Western side of highway 1, a few km North of town. Most of the campus is quite old, but the main entrance is easily identified by the large two-tone blue and white building. The loco itself is tucked away, under the trees, on the far corner of the campus, close by the road construction department (old bulldozer etc). On entering the site by main entrance, proceed to the junction, turn right and continue right to the end, turning right again and the loco is on the left by the now closed entrance/exit .
31 Brian Garvin reports it carries "5" but is actually "4" see notes 19 and 20 above..
32 Brian Garvin reports this as derelict in 2006, ex TRC 1
33 Reported at Srimaharacha Timber Company by Loco Club of Great Britain group in 1996, no recent sighting.
34 No trace remaining in 2010 according to James Waite, one may have 'gone to Bangkok'.
35 Move reported in March 2011, previously at Ekkamai Museum in Bangkok. Nakhon Chaisi is a 'new town' on the way from Thonburi to Nakhon Payhon. Like 263, the other Ekkamai locos may well have gone here too.
36. Lampang Technical College, located just off Tha Khrao Noi Road, just N.E. of the station. Looking at the college, the loco is situated on the far right hand corner of the campus, by the metal working shop. Loco in poor condition & tender used as a rubbish tip! It has the tanks and cab from Baguley 2009.
37, Known to have been active near Prachuap KhiriKhan in 2007 see Converted to diesel operation in 2015.
38. Known to be in existence in October 2010 see also  Converted to diesel operation in 2015.
39. Reported in Nakon Rachasima in 2006,
40 Moved to sidings in front of workshops, opposite Makkasan railway station. Moved inside and under cosmetic restoration in January 2013, said to be for display in the Grand Royal Palace.
41 Reported to have moved to private royal Sukothai Palace in Bangkok but security deny it is there! It is not impossible that this is a misreporting of 278 as there is only one report of its actual sighting.
42 Outside Film Archive Public Organisation, Salaya to the west of Bangkok, formerly at Ekkamai
43 Outside a Municipality Building in Paknam, Samut Prakan, by July 2013. The Bangkok tram from Ekkamai is now here too.
44 Michael Pass reports these have been misidentified on the basis of smokebox door hinge orientation, true numbers shown, former numbers in ()
45 Formerly at Walhalla, Victoria, Australia, now said to be in the UK.
46 Reported moved to the old Thonburi Station site by June 2012 (strictly the Siriraj Medical Museum which now occupies it).
47 This locomotive was bought by the museum in July 2011 from a German Museum and is the country's only standard gauge locomotive.
48. With the museum closed in late 2012, it is not known what will happen to the locomotive.
49 First reported outside the Chitpochana Thai Restaurant on Phaholythin Road, Bangkoik. At the Pong Phet Land Resort at the eastern end of the Pasak Jonlasit dam (north east of Saraburi), together with several coaches used as accommodation for the guests from ca 2005. Found to be gone in late March 2018 and is now near Khon Kaen, see (updated 2nd April 2018, link broken by December 2021).
50 See
51 Relocated from Bangkok (Makkasan workshop) in 2023.

Rob Dickinson