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Hua Lamphong becomes a Steam Museum

Most trains no longer reach the iconic Hua Lamphong station in Bangkok and much of it is now given over to a display of locomotives, Eddie Barnes took these pictures on 31st August 2023. The individual locomotives are described one by one. but first here are some general views. See also my page on preserved locomotives in Thailand.

165 is a North British (UK) 4-6-0 nominally 19971/1912.

278 is a Hanomag 4-6-2 although it's probably actually sister 269

336 is a SLM 2-8-0 (2332/19130 although it's probably actually 340.

54 is a Henschel 0-6-2T (9359/1909) built as standard gauge but converted when the system was 'uniguaged'.

61 is a Brush (UK) 0-6-0T (322/1911)

Davenport Bo-Bo diesel electrics 518 and 537 are here.

Rob Dickinson