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Preserved Steam in Mongolia

See also John Middleton's 2014 update.

Torsten Schneider writes:

There are four steam and two Diesel locomotives displayed outside the MTZ depot in Ulaan Bataar. The steam locos are Russian gauge P36-0228, Ep-0266, and S-116, as well as 750 mm gauge Polish made 159-469 from the Ulaan Bataar-Nalaih line (which was converted to Russian gauge in 1959, I read somewhere). Pictures can be seen in Please find attached two photos I did in September 2002, one giving an overview of all locomotives but the P36 invisible to the left, in front of the MTZ depot, the other a close-up of P36-0228 (Kolomna 7218/1956).

This is Colin Martindale's picture of 750 mm gauge Polish made 159-469, seen in the background above - this image added 22nd December 2009.


Rob Dickinson