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The new Russian Railway Museum in St. Petersburg 2018 

In December 2017, Harvey Smith sent an illustrated report on the new Russian Railway Museum in St, Petersburg. He has now sent a further set of pictures showing more of the exhibits. Where a specific link is not given for an exhibit, then this general page on Russian steam locomotives will prove useful,

On the left is 0-8-0 Class OV Russian locomotive 6640, see 8000 of these were built up until the Russian Revolution This one was built at the Putilov works in St. Petersburg in 1902. During World War II it was used as part of an armoured train. Harvey Smith reports that locomotive was transferred to Moscow Sort Depot in 2016 and was subsequently stripped down, presumably to be returned to active service.

On the right is 2-10-0 Class L 2298, see 

On the left is 2-10-0 Class LV-18-002, see This was a development of the L class and this example was built in 1953. It worked until 1982 as a locomotive and then as a factory boiler.

On the right is 0-10-0 Class ER 791-81

0-10-0 class ESh 4444 Soviet locomotive built by Nydqvist & Holm in Sweden in 1924 

2-10-0 Yel 534 - see 

2-10-2 FD-1103 - see 

Fireless locomotive, built by Schwartzkopf in Germany (9305/1928), it worked at the Tuapse oil refinery.

2-8-0 class Tk3-1105 Finnish locomotive. These were used by the Russians until 1950s. They came to Russia as reparations. This one was built in Tampere in 1943 and like many Finnish locomotives it is a wood burner. See

2-10-0 class SO17-2413

2-10-0 class YeL locomotive 2201. This was built by Baldwin in the USA in 1944 as part of the lend lease programme. They were often used in Siberia and the Far East - see 

0-10-0 class ER 750-01 Soviet locomotive. This was built in 1943 using the boiler from the SU passenger class.

2-10-0 TE 6769 - this is a German kriegslok - see see .

4-8-4 class P36-0251 Soviet Passenger locomotive, since 251 were built 1953-56, this is the last one and has a plate to that effect - see 

2-10-0 class SO17-1137 Soviet freight locomotive. Built by the Khar'kov 'Comintern' Works in 1938. Initially it had a smokebox fan, a tender with condensing apparatus and was used until 1963.

0-10-0 class EM 730-31 Soviet locomotive. This was built in 1934 the M stands for a modernised class E. 

Railway gun TM-3-12. Three of these were built in 1938 using guns from a withdrawn battleship. They were used in World War II until captured by the Finns who then restored and used them in turn. They were maintained in operational condition until 1991 (!!).  See 

RT-23 Molodets rocket launcher see 

Crane EDK25-372 was built in the former East Germany in 1953.

Crane DZH45-170 was built in Hungary in 1953

Crane DZH45-71 was built by the Odessa Crane Works, this was converted from steam to diesel in 1966

Crane PK6-1160 was built by the Kirov Works in the 1950s.

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