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The Shushary Museum, St. Petersburg, 2015

After many years in Moscow, Harvey Smith relocated to St. Petersburg in 2014. There is a list of linked reports at the bottom.

Harvey Smith visited the Shushary Musuem back in 2006 (see above) and went back on 14th June 2015.

So why go to the museum?

I met a railway worker in a lineside building who explained that the museum had been shut for 5 years and is now only used for restoration work. Added to this, the chain link fencing that surrounded the museum in 2006 has been replaced by blue metal sheeting to a height of at least 2.5metres. To get photos I had walk along the top of the railway embankment and dive down the embankment every time a train came along. I would not recommend this to anyone. So it is up to the individual.

BUT there are 2 reasons why you might go, namely:

  1. It is a nice spot to photograph Kp-4-447 on the Southern St. Petersburg Children’s Railway.
  2. The museum does contain some rare machines - the only surviving OK 5294, YeS 311 (in parts), an oil burning TE / DRB52 and the Prototype Russian High speed Sokol (

The following steam locomotives are known to be at the museum:

SU206-48 (real # 208-78) 

Getting There:

By train

Get the train to “Parovoz Musee”, which means Steam Locomotive Museum in English.

By Car

This is more adventurous. You have to go south down Vitebiski Prospect to the end where it meets the Petersburgskoe Shosse just north of Tsarskoye Selo, then do a U-turn and journey north. After that you need to find the correct Gasprom Neft petrol filling station and stop there. It is then a short walk to “Parovoz Musee” station across a field and through a collection of wooden houses. You will find a convenient gap in the fence in the track fencing and a well trodden path to “Parovoz Musee” station. Simply park at the petrol station and walk towards the wooden houses - you can see the railway station through the trees behind and above the houses. This is the petrol station.


OK-5294 and blue P36-0032

Oil burning TE / DRB 52

Rusty EG Compare to the previous 2006 photo (link above)

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