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The Tsar's Private Railway Station, St.Petersburg

After many years in Moscow, Harvey Smith relocated to St. Petersburg in 2014. There is a list of linked reports at the bottom.

Harvey has pointed out that an original picture of the station is available from Wikimedia and is reproduced under their usual conditions (14th September 2015). There is also a French language Wikipedia page - Gare impériale de Tsarskoïe Selo — Wikipédia. There are more pictures here - 11th May 2-017). Harvey Smith has now (11th July 2017) added an English language Wikipedia page -

In addition to the relics mentioned below, Harvey has sent me this picture of the remains of a bridge on this line (8th August 2017): It stands on the reservoir on the River Kuzminka at Pushkin coordinates 59.742866, 30.368844.


Harvey adds:

Here are three photos of the original bridge abutments of the railway in Bufernei Park to the North of the town of Pushkin. The bridges were clearly linked by a large embankment that has been removed. The bridges are built out of softer stone. Many of the granite facing stones are missing but one photo shows the show facing elevation of the northern abutments of the Northern most bridge that crosses the river Kuzminka. By linking these two bridge structures on Google maps I was then able to find the alignment of the railway from the Tsarskoye Selo station northward to where it branched of the main line at Shushary not far from the Shushary Railway Museum.

Harvey Smith has sent these pictures of the Tsar's private railway station at Tsarskoye Selo, South of St.Peterbsurg. He had his own private line that branched off the Vitebsk Station to Tsarskoye Selo main line. The building is in Akademicheskii Prospect. The building has many interesting details but is now clearly a home for vagrants, he was able to just walk in.

An entrance to the platform:

The main entrance to the platform:

Main entrance porch ceiling:

An Imperial Eagle above the porch:


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