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Moscow Railway Station / St. Petersburg Depot, 2014

After many years in Moscow, Harvey Smith relocated to St. Petersburg in 2014. There is a list of linked reports at the bottom.

There are several things to see, the first item has been on this site since 11th August 2010 and is the monument at Moscow Station to the completion in 1851 of the Moscow - St.Petersburg railway:

SU252-95 plinthed in the depot 

TEP60-1000 plinthed in the depot

What appears to be the original round house from the time of the railways construction. It is doughnut shaped and has a central round court yard. This round house lies to the north of Su-252-95. Another roundhouse is at the southern end of the depot or the canal end of the depot.

A 1940s van near the round house at the southern canal end of the depot 

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