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Penang Hills and Trails - South Western Area
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

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South Western Area

Click here to see maps for each of the following reports in turn, clicking the map will take you directly to the report concerned.

South by South West
(December 2012)
Gertak Sanggul Circular
(December 2012)

Third Time Lucky
(December 2012)

Gertak Sanggul Quickie
(December 2012)

Prawn Crackered
(December 2012)

Bukit Genting
(February 2013)
Pulau Betong Lollipop
(January 2014)

Hakka Hill
(February 2014)

Hakka Hill Humbled
(30th January 2015)

The Hidden Valley
(2nd February 2015)

Bukit Genting Reserve
(9th February 2015)

Hakka Hill Hike
(16th March 2015)

Bukit Genting Exit Strategy Part 1
(28th November 2015)

Bukit Genting Exit Strategy Part 2
(3rd December 2015)

Bukit Gemuroh Ridge 1
(27th December 2015)

Bukit Gemuroh Ridge 2
(29th December 2015)

Masochism Solo
(4th January 2016)

Bukit Pulau Betong
(27th January 2016)

No Fool Like an Old Fool
(31st December 2016)

Pulau Betong Explorer 1
(15th February 2017)

Bukit Pulau Betong Horseshoe
(1st March 2017)

Hakka Hill Explorer
(4th December 2017)

Kampung Masjid Loop
(17th December 2017)

Reverse Bukit Pulau Betong Horseshoe
(18th December 2017)

Bukit Gemuroh Ridge 3
(27th December 2017)

Bukit Gemuroh Ridge 4
(29th December 2017)

Bukit Kampung Pulau Betong
(5th January 2018)

Pulau Betong Explorer 2
(9th January 2018)

Another Hakka Hill Explorer
(1st February 2018)

Another Pulau Betong Lollipop
(11th February 2018)
Pulau Betong Circular
(11th February 2018)
Another Pulau Betong Circular
(14th February 2018)

A Round of Golf?
(21st February 2018)

Another Round of Golf
(27th February 2018)

Pulau Betong Explorer 3
(7th March 2018)

Journey to the End of the World
(8th March 2018)

A Game of Two Halves
(11th March 2018)

Repeat Gertak Sanggul Circular
(12th November 2018)

Repeat Pulau Betong Circular
(15th November 2018)
Reverse Pulau Betong Circular
(29th November 2018)

Another Hidden Valley
(8th December 2018)

The Hidden Valley Revisited
(10th December 2018)

A Further Pulau Betong Lollipop
(12th December 2018)

The Golf Course Road
(20th December 2018)

Haunted Houses
(4th January 2019)
Bukit Pulau Betong Again
(29th January 2019)
Penang's Least Visited Beach? 
(16th November 2019)

Gertak Sanggul Circular 
(20th November 2019)

Pulau Betong Delights
(7th February 2020)

Bukit Pulau Betong Direct
(21st February 2020)

The aim of these pages is to record our pleasure, encourage others to repeat or even improve the experience and provide sufficient information for locals and visitors to follow the trails from scratch. Hence, there are far too many pictures of junctions in concrete trails! These trails are best enjoyed in small groups of no more than half a dozen with eyes and ears wide open and mouths firmly shut. Several can be, and are, used by mountain bikers, but if you have a motorbike please leave it at home or park it at the start of the trail; definitely do not take it (as I have read on the web) on trails which are not sealed, they will rapidly degrade if abused in such a manner.

I strongly recommend using buses to get to the starting points and back from the end of these walks.
I have written a short guide to Penang's Buses for hikers (updated 26th February 2020).

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson