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Penang Hills and Trails - Penang Peaks

This is one of a series of pages on walking the hills of Penang, click here for the index. This is Version 1 (16th March 2020) and I would welcome feedback, particularly corrections and suggestions of omissions.

Recently Yuehong asked me to draw up a map to show the major hills in Penang which we have climbed. In the UK we have 'Munros' and 'Marilyns', but what to do here? In the end, I gave up trying to formulate a set of rules and started by grouping peaks by their hundreds of metres in height.  I have tried to ignore minor peaks where they occur on ridges but I have added a few significant places which would not qualify as distinct peaks. As you will see from the list, the peaks start from 300 metres, I (privately) call them 'Yuehongs'. It was actually a very good idea as it has stimulated us to visit three peaks which had not previously featured in any of our hikes.

Some of these we have visited just once, others many times, just one or two maybe 'not yet' or 'near misses' as noted. The links included are NOT necessarily for the easiest routes, if you follow the links in the reports or the links to the maps in the various area index pages you should be able to identify other routes (and their reports).

Please note:

  1. Western Hill is not accessible to the public. The closest allowed approach is probably at the top of the path from Rain Gauge 9 (Report).

  2. 'Tiger Hill' refers to a group of peaks in the area of the Tiger Hill reservoir, the highest one seems likely to be in overgrown jungle on my maps.

  3. Bukit Kerajaan is adjacent to Summit Road on the main hill, near 'South View'. I do not know if it can be accessed.

  4. Bukit Bendera (ca 747 metres) itself appears not to be the highest point in the area above where the Hill Railway terminates. My 1945 map suggests it is actually to the west in the area of the Convalescent Bungalow (ca 768 metres). 

  5. With few exceptions, I have not indicated exact heights as sources vary, nor have I ordered them by height. Different GPS Apps will usually give slightly different results for heights.


1. Tiger Hill
2. Western Hill


1. Bukit Elvira Report
2. Batu Itam Report
3. Bukit Laksamana Report1 Report2
4. Bukit Kerajaan
5. Bukit Bendera
6. Rain Gauge 29 Report


1. Above Da Ba Gong temple Report
2. Crag Hotel Report
3. Rain Gauge 18 Report
4. Rain Gauge 9 Report


1. Above Nanshan Report
2. Above Nanshan Report
3. Bukit Penara Report
4. Bukit Cendana Report
5. Bukit Batu Ferringhi Report 1 Report 2
6. Rain Gauge 17 Report


1. Bukit Gambir Report
2. Near Malihom Report
3. Bukit Pondok Upeh Report
4. Bukit Relau Report
5. Bukit Kukus Report
6. Bukit Relau Report 1 Report 2
7. Bukit Batu Itam Report 1 Report 2
8. Bukit Timah Report
9. Ngo Hean temple Report


1. Bukit Pulau Betong Report 1 Report 2 
2. Bukit Gemuroh Report
3. Bukit Genting Report
4. Bukit 'China' Report
5. Bukit Papan Report
6. Bukit Relau South Report
7. Nibbinda Report
8. Anon Report
9. NP Campsite Report
10. Bukit Telaga Batu Report 
11. Carla's Peak Report



Rob and Yuehong Dickinson