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Penang Hills and Trails - Top Ten Walks
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

For convenience I have now grouped lifestyle illustrated features by topic:

This is just a selection of the many walks available on this site. 
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I strongly recommend using buses to get to the starting points and back from the end of these walks.
I have written a short guide to Penang's Buses (updated 6th October 2022) for hikers although directions are included in individual hikes.

The number of Penang walks available on this website is now so great that a newcomer might find the choice both overwhelming and confusing. So here is a selection of my favourites from all parts of the island, with something for everyone in terms of difficulty. Compared to the original blog reports, I have reworked these walks to a 'plain vanilla' format to include just the basic instructions and the most rewarding views. As such, it is easy to forget that in some cases we didn't get it 'right first time'... 

You will note the absence of Penang's better known walks such as those in the National Park, that from Air Itam to Balik Pulau and the notorious 'Moon Gate Path' up Penang Hill - the walks below will take you off the beaten track and the only people you will meet are the farmers and rubber tappers who live in the hills. No special equipment is needed, just good walking shoes, a hat, a stick to wave at the odd dog and an adequate supply of water (I recommend 2.5L per person). Walk 0 is a 'taster', it's not short but if it kills you then don't think about the others. Allow 2-3 hours for the first three which are significantly shorter and 3-5 hours for the others, maybe longer if, like me, you are of pensionable age.

The walks are listed roughly in order of increasing difficulty (Grades 1 to 4), the absence of a 4 in this list indicates that at worst only short amounts of potentially awkward paths are included and such sections are clearly indicated in the text for the walk concerned. There is, however, plenty of hill climbing in most!

0. The Batu Ferringhi Aqueducts  Grade 1 A beginner's walk with almost no climbing along one of Penang's best kept secrets.
1. Gertak Sanggul to Pulau Betong Grade 2 A lovely walk through fruit orchards with views of the island's south west coast.
2. Tropical Fruit Farm to Pantai Acheh Grade 2 A downhill walk from the round-the-island road to Penang's most remote village.
3. Paya Terubong to USM (Sungai Dua) Grade 2 A stroll above Paya Terubong and the hills behind USM.
4. Genting to Sungai Ara via Malihom Hill Grade 2 A walk through the southern hills of the island, starting nearly half way up!
5. Paya Terubong to Balik Pulau Grade 2 Vegetable gardens and durian orchards and some splendid distant views.
6. Sungai Ara to Balik Pulau Grade 2 Another walk through the southern hills of the island, starting gently...
7. Air Itam to Paya Terubong Grade 3 A visit to the 1200 Steps temple via Air Itam Dam.
8. Air Itam to Penang Hill (via the Dam) Grade 3 Climbing Penang Hill away from the crowds.
9. Penang Hill to Air Itam via Tiger Hill Valley Grade 3 An unusual route down Penang Hill using a 'Hidden Valley', 
10. Air Itam to Titi Kerawang Grade 3 A long walk across the heart of the island.

Trail Locations - Click on a Number for each hike.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson