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VE Day in Moscow, 2015 (and 2017)

Harvey Smith was based in and around Moscow off and on from 1997 to 2014 and has now moved to St. Petersburg. While this report is down to Dmitry Kolesnikov, there are links to information on other attractions in Moscow and the rest of Russia at the bottom of the page.

In 2017 the train ran from Moscow's Rizhskiy station to Novoiyerusalemskaya station in Moscow Oblast, double headed by two green P36 locomotives (0110 and 0120), with blue P36 0027 in attendance in Moscow. The pictures are from Dmitry Kolesnikov.

Victory in Europe Day is marked with considerably more enthusiasm in Russia than in other parts of the world. The Soviets accepted the German surrender on 9th May 1945, so in Russia VE day is commemorated one day later than 8th May as in Western Europe.

In Moscow on 9th May 2015, P36-0120 and LV-0182 were dressed up for the occasion as pictures from Dmitry Kolesnikov show . The train ran from Kievski Station, Moscow to Poklonnaya Gori, Moscow (site of the Victory Park and Museum complex dedicated to WWII) , Bekasovka outside Moscow, Kubinka (outside Moscow and famous for its tank museum and military base) and back to Belorusski Station, Moscow. Both the main stations of Kievski and Belorusski received the soldiers who came back from the front in 1945 in trains decorated in tree branches. There are pictures taken the day before at Podmoskovnaya Depot at the end.

These pictures show the depot at Podmoskovnaya the day before (8th May 2015), the depot has been spruced up in the last year and LV-0522 maybe restored to working order. The tender off EU-682-87 is actually coupled with EU-699-74.


Rob Dickinson