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Lenin's Funeral Train

Harvey Smith was based in and around Moscow off and on from 1997 to 2014 and has now moved to St. Petersburg. Apart from this report he has also posted information on other attractions in Moscow and the rest of Russia, there are links at the bottom of the page.

Since this article was prepared, renovations have been completed and the museum has re-opened. Use the link above for a photo report by Dmitry Kolesnikov.

These pictures mainly date from July 2008. It is located at Paveletskaya Railway station on the brown ring metro line. It should be noted that Paveletskaya Railway station is the station that you are taken to if you take the Domodedovo Airport express to Moscow. The visitor may therefore visit this museum on his/her way to or from Moscow. You can find it on the left hand side as you face the façade of the railway station. There is a small park hidden behind some kiosks and the original park entrance is still in place, hidden and locked. Do not despair. There is a secondary entrance a little further past the kiosks with a security man on duty in small guard post, just tip him to enter. The smaller exhibits have all gone leaving the perfectly preserved 4-6-0 oil burning locomotive in place with the wagon that conveyed Lenin’s body from the dacha where he died to Moscow. It is all painted in Soviet red and adorned with plaques and a legend proclaiming its place in history. It is incredibly well preserved considering it has not moved since 1948 and has been maintained in immaculate condition. As the guards said, it could be used in a state of emergency.


Rob Dickinson