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Kievski Station Locomotive Depot

Harvey Smith was based in and around Moscow off and on from 1997 to 2014 and has now moved to St. Petersburg. Apart from this report he has also posted information on other attractions in Moscow and the rest of Russia, there are links at the bottom of the page.

This may offer some interest. The old round house at Kievski station is used as a paint shop and maintenance depot. Typically railway cranes are reconditioned at the depot, there were some half a dozen here during my visit. But locomotives are now being repainted at the depot. Moreover, on a visit to Moscow to take part in celebrations elsewhere I found P36-0031 parked up. P36-0031 is normally based at Zlatoust on the South Urals Railway. I found LV-0182 normally based at Podmoskovnaya Depot being sand blasted ready for a repaint. Also electric locomotive VL8-1642 was also in for a badly needed respray, I assume that it might be destined for a museum. (By 8th August 2012, they had been joined by LV-0192, LV-0214 L-3348 and L-3958, by 23rd September 2012, just LV-0192 and LV-0214 were present, still awaiting restoration. By January 2013, it was stated that they were actually present for cannibalisation for other restored LVs. LV-0214 was subsequently cut up in April 2014)

So how to find this depot? The easiest way is to go to Studentskaya metro Station on the light blue line. Come out the station. Turn right and walk next to yellow painted concrete fence back towards Kievski station. There is a long footbridge. Follow the bridge to the end and there you will find the roundhouse and turntable.

Alternatively go to Kievski Railway Station at Kievskaya Metro Station on the Brown line. Face the main façade walk down the left hand (south) side. Walk down one of the platforms. Keep walking out on to the tracks and finally after 5 to10 minutes you should find the round house and turntable.



VL8 1642

The above pictures were taken on 24th July 2012, Harvey was back on 2nd August 2012 when considerable progress was apparent:


Rob Dickinson