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The Penang Hill Railway, 2012 - Top to Bottom in 5 minutes...

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The Penang Hill Railway has undergone big changes between 2009 and 2012, this is Part 7 of the 2012 account, you can read about it in the following pages: 

I have uploaded a 10 minute video of the new railway to YouTube (16th April 2012) -

At which point, it was almost five o'clock and I was late for a date with a young lady in Tanjung Tokong. Fortunately, the train whizzed me to the bottom in no time, a far better service than Rapid Penang, the local bus company managed afterwards. They are a classic case of a heavily subsidised government undertaking with absolutely no idea of how to run a business properly. Their front line staff are friendly but under-trained and their management the kind that prefers to drink cups of coffee away from any kind of scrutiny, which is just as well as they are clearly totally incompetent.

I sat at the front of the train, trying to 'happy snap' as we went. The speed of the train and the low light levels made for interesting effects, it was never like this in the old days... 

It was probably the nearest thing to 'London to Brighton' in 5 minutes that I have ever experienced...

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson