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Rob and Yuehong in Penang, 2009 - 24

Yuehong and I got together in late 2003 having met on the steam powered narrow gauge logging railway in Manchuria earlier in the year. We were based in China from 2004 until 2010 when we sold up and moved to the UK, at the same time acquiring a second home in Penang and this page links to a series of pages covering that

Our "Winds of Change 2010" covers many of the other events in our "Annus Mirabilis".

For our life in West Gloucestershire see our UK index page. For our life in our country house in China see our Jiaojiehe index page.

We had a Covid enforced absence between March 2020 and September 2022 since when we have slowly refreshed our knowledge of the trails we have reported on. However, neither of us is anything like as fit as before and it seems unlikely we shall revisit those in the jungle covered northern hills and you should understand that all reports covering that area will be increasingly out of date and subject to change.

In the south of the island, trails are more 'fluid'. They are created by and for farmers, new ones open and old ones become disused and overgrown. As such some pictures should be considered indicative as opposed to definitive - use your common sense in trying to follow the reports, many of which are approaching 10 years old.

As larger groups of hikers and bikers have 'discovered' the attractions of the area, the behaviour of some of them has led to some hostility and the erection of fences and gates to control access. Politely and sympathetically engaging those whose livelihood comes from farming is the best way to ensure continuing access to these trails.

One important change is the withdrawal of the Rapid Penang 501 bus service between Balik Pulau and Teluk Bahang, which means that many of the hikes it served are no longer accessible other than by car.

Each of the links below leads to an introductory page with links to all the other pages contemporary with it.

"Hills and Trails in Penang" Discovering the island's natural beauty, (updated 11th March 2023).

"Penang Hills and Trails - Top Ten Walks" A "Best of" compilation from our many explorations, (extra walk 2nd February 2014).

"Penang Hills and Trails - Selected Walks" A further compilation of our favourites from the south and west of the island, (28th March 2015).

Rain Gauges and Catchment Areas (update 27th January 2024)
Penang's Rubber Heritage, (updated 1st February 2024).

"Going Back" - For Rob a question of meeting old friends, for Yuehong a fascinating new experience, November 2009
"A Flat with a Sea View" Sorting a flat with one of the best views in the world, July 2010
The Penang Hill Railway, under reconstruction in late 2010
"Thaipusam and the new Penang Hill Railway" Making a very little effort go a long way in early 2012

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson