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The Winds of Change, Rob and Yuehong Moving On, 2010

After more than 6 years together based in China, it's time for us to move on. I started this page looking out into our beautiful country garden and by the time it is finished, I will have continued to Malaysia and on into Indonesia where I will have told my side of 'Steamy Java 2010', a connoisseur's trip around the island's sugar mills with their living dinosaurs of the Industrial Revolution.

For convenience I have now grouped lifestyle illustrated features by topic:

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Be warned, by and large the images below, while part of an individual page bear very little relation to most of the content!!! From 'Welcoming Drinks' onwards nearly every page is actually about one of Java's many steam powered sugar mills - the name of the mill is given under the image for each of these. 

The Last Summer

A Flat with a Sea View

I have a Dream:
Solo 1972 - 2010

The Dear Leader's
Pre-Tour Diary

Welcoming Drinks

(Tersana Baru)

Superb Sunda Sugar

(Karang Suwung)

In the Shadow of Cireme


Steam On and Off the Rails


Spoil My Day


The Quickie


The Phoenix


The Lake of Honey


Revisiting a Classic

(Gondang Baru)

The Sunday Parade


Lawu's Children


Soedhono Sorrows


Purwodadi Pleasures


Morning Glories


The German Connection


Steam in Retreat


Merican Blues


Mojopahit Memories


Dark Satanic Mill


Site under Maintenance


Water Power


Maxwell's Demon


The Etty Legacy


Dust, Steam and Smoke


The End of the Line


The Jewel in the Crown


The Little Princess


The Fat Lady Sings


Those Who Boldly Go

A Tale of Two Beaches

Probolinggo Promenade

Painting the Flat Blue

I always like to put a personal historic image on my trip front page, this is my 'new' extended Chinese family in Jiaojiehe in early July 2010; to my left is Yuehong's son, Yiran, with his his natural father Gu Yulu and his wife Qiu Xiao Ling. It will be a while before we are gathered again for such a grouping, but next time I'll remember to pull out my T-shirt to hide the bulge like the others did...

Long ago, I was out at dawn in Java for the Iron Dinosaurs. They're nearly all in the great locoshed in the sky now, so I have to make do with a different kind of view:

If you have enjoyed these accounts, then there is 'more like this' written and photographed during our earlier 2009 explorations in the region:

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson