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The Penang Hill Railway, 2012 - The Upper Section Part 3

For convenience I have now grouped lifestyle illustrated features by topic:

The Penang Hill Railway has undergone big changes between 2009 and 2012, this is Part 6 of the 2012 account, you can read about it in the following pages: 

I have uploaded a 10 minute video of the new railway to YouTube (16th April 2012) -

Onwards and upwards, I had now reached Lower Tunnel Station not too far below the Top Station. There was more unthreatening wildlife here, most of the 'security guards' are pensioners without a pension, happy to sit out one 12 hour shift after another for less than RM 1000 (GBP 200) a month. Note the residual ID behind, the rest seems to have rotted away.

The station has never been an easy one to photograph and the new restrictions have made it more difficult than ever:

By now I was really appreciating the half hour interval service, there was time to walk between locations and get my breath back and also increasing time between down and up trains as I got further from the passing loop. Upper Tunnel Station had a view to die for just around the corner:

The station itself is as challenging as its predecessor, I should explain that the second shot is a 'lean over the barrier' rather than the 'trespass shot' implied:

This is journey's end, by now I was giving the video record the greater priority:

Just below the station is the former 'Railway Bungalow' no longer available for overnight stays but being restored to its former glory to act as a meetings centre. Note the chimney for a traditional British open fire in the cool mountain air come the evening:

While waiting for a train, the local black giant squirrel performed its party trick of walking along the power cables, all the staff enjoyed the daily occurrence but I think I was the only visitor watching; not knowing what was about to happen, the cameras were both switched off.

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson