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The Penang Hill Railway, 2012 - The Upper Section Part 1

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The Penang Hill Railway has undergone big changes between 2009 and 2012, this is Part 4 of the 2012 account, you can read about it in the following pages: 

I have uploaded a 10 minute video of the new railway to YouTube (16th April 2012) -

On our second tramp up the hill, we visited the Middle Station area and before we walked down there was just enough time to revisit Claremont Station which is just below the viaduct on which the old upper passing loop was built - one of the old coaches has been left here as a memory of the 'Good Old Days'. When it gets dangerously rusty in a few years, they will have great fun removing it!

In fact, looking down from the lineside you might be forgiven for thinking that nothing had changed:

Sorry, only joking, of course this is how it really looked, but the point once again is that despite fears to the contrary the railway's environment has come out of the last two years with a smile on its face

Claremont is my favourite intermediate station, it's extremely photogenic. The lack of sun is neither here nor there, it's completely hemmed in by vegetation:

Yuehong still had enough energy to keep playing with me, note the shirt stuck to my back from the perspiration. There was no need to trespass on the actual railway track as there's a path through under the viaduct in the background. 

A few days later, I was back, the Penang Hill Corporation owed me a few favours so I was able to ride for free and jump off at Claremont to continue my survey. These days it is not allowed to cross the line at Moniot Road Station and the platform is on the west side and I wanted to film from the east. There was no choice but to slog up through the jungle trail. The message is unambiguous, those extra rails carry 675V AC to power the air conditioning (!) and other auxiliary services on the train. In the old days I could have done 'my own thing' but not any more with CCTV and a security guard in situ:

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson