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Indonesia 1973, Part 5 Mojokerto, Kertono and Pare

The 'Steam Up Tour' during July/August 1973, organised by the Association of Railway Enthusiasts, Victoria, spent two weeks in Java and a week in Sumatra before going to southern Thailand and Malaysia for a final week. Courtesy of the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society, I have serendipitously been given the late John Joyce's black and white pictures from the trip and with the encouragement and agreement of his good friend and co-author Allan Tilley I am happy to present this selection from the Java part. About 25% of the pictures were used in their book 'Steam Up - Indonesia and Thailand', I do not think the others have been published before.

Robert Wilson and his wife Helen also travelled on the same tour. Some of his pictures have already appeared on this site:

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The first town of significance going west is Mojokerto; on 6th August 1973, D52016 left there on the same day with what appeared to be petrol tankers, the coach presumably being home to security staff.

Mojokerto was home to the last member of a curious class of mixed frame 0-6-0T, C2203. Like many Javan steam locomotives, it seemed to spend a lot of time simmering in its shed yard.

By now, the most interesting steam working at Mojokerto was the branch train to Sidoarjo on the main line south from Surabaya. With a little prompting B1310 gushes oily smoke for the visitors as it eases its way out of the station.

Pare was home to a wondrous assortment of small tank locomotives. The shed was emptied of its contents for the visitors to photograph. From left to right are B2601, B1508, C2604, B1706 and B1503.

This is a closer shot of the first three:

Having made the visit, the group intercepted B1707 on a train from Kediri to Pare at the point where it rejoined the main road having made a loop past the Pesantren sugar mill.

There was just time to catch the 'Dhoho' with D52076 which has arrived at Kertosono where it will reverse. The large east signal box here can be seen in the background.

As far as I can see, by now John must have been wilting and probably took the next day off as there are no pictures of the group's visit to Babat, Bojonegoro and Cepu as shown in 'Steam Up'.

The 'Dhoho' was Java's last steam hauled 'express' train, running from Surabaya to Blitar via Kertosono. D52026 waits to leave Gubeng station on 8th August 1973.

The group then travelled on the train as far as Kertosono, a false departure being arranged at Sembung.

At Kertosono, fresh power was provided in the form of a large tank engines, today C2829 is in charge of the final section to Blitar. On other occasions, C27 and F10 were observed on this working. 

This concludes the coverage of the Java section of the tour. There are links for Robert Wilson's Sumatra pictures at the top.

Rob Dickinson