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Indonesia 1973, Part 2 West Java Mountains 

The 'Steam Up Tour' during July/August 1973, organised by the Association of Railway Enthusiasts, Victoria, spent two weeks in Java and a week in Sumatra before going to southern Thailand and Malaysia for a final week. Courtesy of the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society, I have serendipitously been given the late John Joyce's black and white pictures from the trip and with the encouragement and agreement of his good friend and co-author Allan Tilley I am happy to present this selection from the Java part. About 25% of the pictures were used in their book 'Steam Up - Indonesia and Thailand', I do not think the others have been published before.

Robert Wilson and his wife Helen also travelled on the same tour. Some of his pictures have already appeared on this site:

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The group gathered in Jakarta and on 31st July 1973 moved up to the Bandung area and beyond where the depot at Cibatu had an allocation of Mallets. They tracked down CC5024  at Malangbong beyond Cibatu on a train from Tasikmalaya.

The following day must have been totally memorable for those on the tour. First they travelled out from Bandung to Cicalengka where DD5207 rolled in through the early morning mist from Cibatu.

Before it could work back it had to pay a visit to the turntable, by which time, mercifully, the sun had broken through.

Dusty Durrant had paved the way with his pioneer visits so the crew knew exactly what was needed on this well known viaduct.

At Lebakdjero there was time for a station shot before the group carried on to Cibatu itself.

Here, they found the third class of active Mallet allocated in the form of CC1030 ready to depart up the branch to Garut and Cikajang. Very soon it was joined by classmate CC1014 to produce a fine double-header.

This is taken at Garut, note how this earlier CC10 has different shaped side tanks, the generous space between them and the boiler necessary for this semi-articulated design.

For the second part of the journey, the locomotives swapped positions, they were next photographed at Kamojang.

Journeys end was Cikajang, the group then rode the train back to Garut whence they were whisked back to Bandung.

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Rob Dickinson