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Indonesia 1973, Part 4 Surabaya and Madura 

The 'Steam Up Tour' during July/August 1973, organised by the Association of Railway Enthusiasts, Victoria, spent two weeks in Java and a week in Sumatra before going to southern Thailand and Malaysia for a final week. Courtesy of the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society, I have serendipitously been given the late John Joyce's black and white pictures from the trip and with the encouragement and agreement of his good friend and co-author Allan Tilley I am happy to present this selection from the Java part. About 25% of the pictures were used in their book 'Steam Up - Indonesia and Thailand', I do not think the others have been published before.

Robert Wilson and his wife Helen also travelled on the same tour. Some of his pictures have already appeared on this site:

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On 4th August 1973, a brief stop was made in Madiun where B5004 was on shed, there were also some sugar mill visits.

However, the main target was the famous Surabaya Steam Tram (see also Robert Wilson's pictures), in the circumstances I have just used a few of John's pictures which show B1245 in action, first at Wonokromo and then at the city end on 8th August 1973.

Across the water on Madura, on 5th Auguist 1973, it seems that steam was no longer in regular use, but D1608 was turned out for an 'inspection special': Judging from the dress, the other passengers were all railway officials or policemen, the first picture was taken at Kamal Pier before departure and the second at Telang.

The train went as far as Bangkalang at the end of the northern branch before returning. Not only did the locomotive have to run round, but the 4 wheeled coach had to be shunted to the rear of the train.

One other steam item seen in Surabaya was C1132 which was pilot at Gubeng station on 8th August 1973.

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Rob Dickinson