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Indonesia 1973, Part 1 Jakarta 

The 'Steam Up Tour' during July/August 1973, organised by the Association of Railway Enthusiasts, Victoria, spent two weeks in Java and a week in Sumatra before going to southern Thailand and Malaysia for a final week. Courtesy of the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society, I have serendipitously been given the late John Joyce's black and white pictures from the trip and with the encouragement and agreement of his good friend and co-author Allan Tilley I am happy to present this selection from the Java part. About 25% of the pictures were used in their book 'Steam Up - Indonesia and Thailand', I do not think the others have been published before.

Robert Wilson and his wife Helen also travelled on the same tour. Some of his pictures have already appeared on this site:

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Allan and John arrived in Jakarta a couple of days early and the pictures on this page were taken 'pre-tour'.

By 1973, the long distance trains in and out of Jakarta had been dieselised for some time. BB201.03, dating from 1964, is in charge of a train for Solo which is leaving Gambir station. This and the picture following were taken on 29th July 1973.

Several of the lines within Jakarta and that out to Bogor had been electrified at 1500V DC more than 40 years earlier. The electric multiple units had all been withdrawn from service but various original electric locomotives survived. 1 (Brown Boveri / Wintherthur) is arriving on a train from Bogor.

Next day produced the first steam photograph, D52078 arriving at Kota station with a short passenger train.

C300.11 was one of a class built in the then East Germany ca 1957 and was likewise working a short train which more closely matched its capabilities. This example survives in the Taman Mini museum near Jakarta.

206 was a Werkspoor-Heemaf product and is seen at the terminal end of Kota station with a short local train:

From the same class, 202 is seen departing past the impressive manual signal box with a train for Bogor.

The other steam action was the arrival and then preparation for departure of C2855, once used for express trains but now reduced to more menial duties:

The group also spent some time in Jakarta at the end of the Java section on 9th August but John did not record any 'new' locomotives.

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Rob Dickinson