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Now, I have started to add Indian Stationary Steam Videos to my YouTube channel (latest addition 11th January 2014).

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If you would like to contribute to this section of the international steam website please email y (this is not a link you have to retype the address) - we need approx 320 x 240 video clips (normally 'wmv' format, 1 to 3Mb file size.

Our own clips on these pages are taken from present and
future ISV DVDs. These are properly researched quality documentary films with a story to tell.
'National Geographic Stuff' said one purchaser.

We also offer industrial archaeology compilation DVDs from our travels to steam powered mills in Asia.

South of Moulmein (Mawlamyine) in Burma (Myanmar) is the village of Dakhondaing which has just one active rice mill powered by this Tangye steam engine, built around 1900. We have several hours of video of the mill itself, we now need to return to get some coverage of life in the village itself.... (8th January 2009) RD

A fabulous discovery in January 2008 in Calcutta was a set of steam hammers working in small steel foundries. This brief clip does not do total justice to the scene and the atmosphere (2nd March 2008, RD):

This Indian rice mill engine is a bit of a mystery, it bears a passing resemblance to the Marshall below, the experts say it's from a different builder but they can't say which. Any ideas would be very welcome (9th July 2007):
The next two clips are of unusual trip/drop valve engines which we saw at work in West Bengal, India in late 2006. This is an example of Marshall's L class (5th July 2007):
Here we visit a rice mill in Thailand (24th April 2007):

For more information on this and other Thai rice mills, click here.

This (uploaded 13th April 2007) shows the boilers at Olean sugar mill in East Java, Indonesia and there's an 1891 stationary steam engine at work in there somewhere:

If you enjoy the clip, then why not click here for more information on 'Sweet Spot'.

The second offering (22nd March 2007) is from our travels in Burma (Myanmar) and shows an old stationary steam engine in a brand new rice mill in the north of the country. The plate shown is from the importing agent, just who made it originally is not known:

Click here for more more information on Temples of Steam. We have now issued a set of DVDs of the stationary engines in this country.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson