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Preserved Steam Road Engines in Australia, 2017

Kevin Hoggett visited a number of preservation sites in early 2017, Click on the report you are interested in:

This report covers the various steam road engines seen:


National Steam Centre at Scrawsby

These are some of the exhibits at Scrawsby, a most impressive set: The first one is Fowler Z7 ploughing engine 15500, the drum is just visible under the boiler.

The second engine is a Ruston Proctor colonial engine.


Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre

The Centre has a collection of road steam engines (search

This traction engine is from Frick, Waynesboro PA, USA (note place is wrongly spelt on the website).

This is a Marshall portable, I would not place any reliance on the number! The style is of a much later date than the number implies.

This a Claytn and Shuttleworth portable said to be 12hp of 1887:

This Marshall traction engine is inaccessible as the ground is subsiding and unsafe:

Redwater Creek Railway at Sheffield

There is a collection of road steam engines in a shed here.

This is a superheated McLaren traction engine (1253/:

Burrell single crank compound traction engine (3010)

Two Marshall traction engines, a Hornsby oil engine and an unidentified small traction engine.

Finally, the unique local Salisbury Foundary and Engineers (Launcestion, Tasmania) steam roller of 1910.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson