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Steam in Australia 2017

Kevin Hoggett visited a number of preservation sites in early 2017, Click on the report you are interested in:

This report covers the Don River Railway and the Redwater Creek Railway in Tasmania.

"The Don River Railway was well covered by James Waite: To update what he said, they are again running steam on Sundays " as long as they can find a crew" The locomotive in service is M4, a RSH Pacific of 1951. The Fowler 0-6-0T is also serviceable, but is still in Thomas the Tank Engine guise which is about all they use her for. This is a very friendly volunteer run railway, I was treated to a footplate ride on M4. The collection is superb, nicely restored and displayed. A must if in the area. They used to run on the main line, but unfortunately, the powers that be have banned all preserved operations on the national network, at least for the present."

Pacifics MA2 (left) and M3 (right)

Fowler 0-6-0T

Beyer Peacock 2-6-0 CCS23.

M4 in action

At Sheffield Tasmania, is the 610mm (2ft) gauge Redwater Creek Railway which only operates once a month. The line runs along the edge of fields for about 1 km. The only working locomotive at present is a Krauss 0-4-0WT (5682/1906), but a Hunslet 0-4-2T is under restoration (I think the one James saw at Don River, 1844/1936)). There is also a shed which houses a collection of about a dozen road engines, mostly restored.

Rob Dickinson