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Steam in Australia 2017

Kevin Hoggett visited a number of preservation sites in early 2017, Click on the report you are interested in:

This report covers Perth Area Attractions in Western Australia, see also James Waite's visit in 2015..

"To conclude our Australian experience, just a couple of bits from Perth, WA: It really wasn't the time to visit there, no one runs steam in their hot dry summer, however, we did visit Bassendean Railway Museum which has a large collection of Western Australian locolocomotives, mainly British built, but a couple of local ones too. It's well worthwhile.

The other railway we visited was in Whiteman Park north of Perth: The 610mm (2ft) gauge Bennett Brook Railway was built here on a green field site and is most impressive with a large circuit and a branch line. The railway is fully signaled with semaphores. It is a very friendly railway, volunteer run. At present they only have one operating steam locomotive, but are busy restoring one of two SAR 2-8-2s in their fleet which will hopefully be ready late this year. The vintage tramway was also in operation with an original Perth tram."

ARHS Bassendean Railway Museum - 

Pacific U655 (North British, 24863/1942) looking a lot smarter than when James saw it in 2015.

C class no 1 Katie (Robert Stephenson 2391/1880)

FS 4-8-0 460 (North British, 20096/1913)

PM 4-6-2 701 (North Brit6ish, 26545/1949)

Bennett Brook Railway 

Rob Dickinson