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Now, I have added Pakistan Steam Videos to my YouTube channel.

These include greatly expanded versions of those below.

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If you would like to contribute to this section of the international steam website please email  (this is not a link you have to retype the address) - we need approx 320 x 240 video clips (normally 'wmv' format, 1 to 3Mb file size.

Our own clips on these pages are taken from present and
future ISV DVDs. These are properly researched quality documentary films with a story to tell.
'National Geographic Stuff' said one purchaser.

We also offer industrial archaeology compilation DVDs from our travels to steam powered mills in Asia.

Over New Year 1992/3, I went on my only visit to Pakistan, singly and independently. I never had a chance to return and I got a little bit of memorable video. I took some memorable pictures and have since posted some illustrated tales from my 1992 bash. Extended version of the clips below are being added to my YouTube Channel (28th December 2013)

This is the 6th and last of my 1992 videos. All aboard for a ride on the Gharibwal branch... (RD, 21st November 2008)
Jumping on my bike from one of my previous shots, there was just enough time to make it to the south end of the station area for the departure as there was always a long stop here for a loco change (RD 21st March 2008).
One SPS good, two better... (RD, 6th January 2008)
The Edwardian SPS 4-4-0s were the most elegant of Pakistan's steam locomotives - this is my clips of two of them crossing an irrigation canal just north of Malakwal in late 1992 (RD, 17th October 2007):
Where were you on Christmas Day 1992? I was just west of Malakwal.... (RD, 10th September 2007)

Here are two metre gauge trains leaving Mirpur Khas in the early morning, one with a modern Japanese 2-8-2, the other with an ancient British 4-6-0 (RD, 9th August 2007).


Rob and Yuehong Dickinson