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We also offer industrial archaeology compilation DVDs from our travels to steam powered mills in Asia.

In snowy weather, 44 1093 hauls a freight train during a Plandampf event on the Arnstadt - Saalfeld line, January 29 1994. (Andeas Illert)
A German Pacific on international express: 01 1531 hauls D451 Frankfurt/Main - Warsaw near Seeligstadt in Saxony at a Plandampf event on May 27 1995. The scheduled through coach to Moscow is attached to the rear of the train. To not frighten the passengers in the Russian sleeper too much with the unexpected sound of steam traction, they receive the usual noise by a class 232 diesel banker. (Andeas Illert, 30th May 2009)
In spring 2008 the preserved steam locomotive 50 3552, owned by Eisenbahnfreunde Hanau, has been hired for track maintenance duties on the trunk lines around the city of Frankfurt am Main. Due to bad experience with trespassing enthusiasts the dates and schedules of operation were kept secret. With some luck the engine is captured on video hauling ballast hoppers at Frankfurt Sued station on May 3rd 2008, and pushing a train of loaded flatcars in the early morning of May 1st 2008. (Andreas Illert, 14th December 2008)
A highlight of the October 2007 Plandampf in the Werratal was steam haulage of the heavy scheduled freight train WEG 28 from Immelborn to Eisenach (2451 tons). 2-10-0s 44 1486 and 52 8074 doublehead 30 wagonloads of gravel, with 2-10-0 52 8079 banking. Andreas Illert, 11th October 2007, uploaded 3rd July 2008
Harz narrow gauge system, Germany: the views from the top of Brocken mountain can be stunning if the weather is good. Around noon at January 13th 2006, narrow gauge locomotive 99 7237 arrives at 1125 meters above sea level, having worked its train from Wernigerode over 33 kilometers of almost continuous gradient 1:30 (Andreas Illert, 6th December 2007).

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson