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We also offer industrial archaeology compilation DVDs from our travels to steam powered mills in Asia.

Germany: A fireless locomotive from Sodawerke Stassfurt shunts over the level crossing near the factory. Peter Illert, 5th September 2002, uploaded 21st June 2008


I am very keen that this page should show every facet of working steam power - hence this clip (29th April 2007) of a working fireless locomotive in Germany from Andreas Illert. It is probably one of the youngest steam locomotives in the world, it was built at Meiningen Works of the former GDR in 1985. Seen here returning light engine from Roeblingen station after it has hauled a wagon from the Romonta Factory at Arnsdorf to the DB mainline yard on August 15 2003, the operations have not changed since.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson