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We also offer industrial archaeology compilation DVDs from our travels to steam powered mills in Asia.

Mill 443 Pepito Tey 2-8-0 #1337 departs from the mill in February 1997.(RM, 31st August 2009)
Mill 210 Osvaldo Sanchez  #1347 departs from the mill in February 1997 (RM 21st July 2009))

Mill 107 Torriente Brau 2-6-0 #1662 at the mill yard in February 1997 (RM, 18th May 2009)

Mill 210 Osvaldo Sanchez Porter 2-4-2T #1204 built 1894 shunting narrow gauge wagons in February 1997 (RM, 2nd April 2009)
Mill 413 Espartaco, a loaded train arrives at the mill in February 1997 (RM, 1st December 2008)
In a scene that would have inspired the Reverend Awdry, narrow gauge locomotive No.1337 loses its train on the approach to the northern loading point at Pepito Tey sugar mill on March 5th 2000. The driver reacts immediately, pulls the whistle to alert the brakeman, and sets the loco back while the firemen hurries to reconnect the couplings. Such action is vital: the runaway train would accelerate straight downhill, right into the loco shed and the factory building. (Andreas Illert, 15th January 2008)


'John Raby is currently editing a 3 DVD set Steam Locomotives in Cuba (around 4 hrs in total) as well as a single DVD Narrow Gauge only version of this. Contact John if you are interested in a pre-publication offer on these DVDs.' See, this is a clip from one of them (24th November 2007):
The classic American No.1342 from Marcelo Salado sugar mill was perhaps the most handsome engine in Cuba. This did not save her from hard work, as could be seen near Remedios on March 9th 2000 (22nd August 2007). This clip is from Andreas Illert. 
And now for a little bit of history from Andreas Illert, steam locomotive 1358 from Pepito Tey Sugar Mill (in Cuba) hauls a train of empties to the northern loading point of the narrow gauge system on 3rd March 2000. Obviously the oil burner is not adjusted well, a good part of the fuel is converted to smoke rather then traction (12th May 2007).

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson