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If you would like to contribute to this section of the international steam website please email  (this is not a link you have to retype the address) - we need approx 320 x 240 video clips (normally 'wmv' format, 1 to 3Mb file size.

For an excellent set of clips covering steam on the standard gauge in China see (link changed, 21st October 2013) .

Our own clips on these pages are taken from present and
future ISV DVDs. These are properly researched quality documentary films with a story to tell.
'National Geographic Stuff' said one purchaser.

We also offer industrial archaeology compilation DVDs from our travels to steam powered mills in Asia.

Spoil emerging from the big pit for tipping (RD, 9th July 2008):


Coal loading and setting out from the coal seam at the bottom of the big pit at Jalainur in November 2007 (RD, 9th April 2008):
2008 will almost certainly see the extinction of 'real' standard gauge steam hauled passenger trains. Then all that may be left will be the special arrangement at Woltzyn and the private 'dido' shuttles at Sandaoling and Jalainur. This clip was taken in December 2007 (RD, 31st December 2007 ).
In November 2007, Yuehong and I spent a week in Jalainur. Here is a simultaneous departure from Nanzhan in the tipping area at Jalainur (RD, 24th December 2007):

In late 1995, Ameling Algra and I tramped guideless round Manchuria for 2 months, he was armed with a Super 8 cine camera and more than 100 tapes. It was much more of an adventure then and, dare I say it, a lot more fun.

One of Tonghua's JS departs for Hunjiang (12th December 2007):

The lines out of Yebaishou were great for train watching, especially on the north side (Chifeng line) where there was just enough of a gap between them to walk to the next spot (Ameling Algra, 3rd November 2007):

This is Anshan steelworks with a Mogul 2-6-2 featured (we had an expensive guide for the day, most of which he spent asleep) (Ameling Algra, 30th August 2007):

A bonus clip (9th July 2007) is a much more interesting than average YouTube offering, showing the two imported QJs at work on the Iowa Interstate in the USA on 9th June 2007, courtesy of Ron Olsen.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson