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Preserved Steam at USS-Smederevo, Serbia

Henry Posner III has sent me these picture from his October 2008 visit. James Waite has provided the details and advises this is not a location that can be visited on a casual basis.

These two Porter 0-4-0ST were previously reported by Zoran Veresic in 1999 at the Sartid Zitats foundry in this area, clearly they have since been moved. It is understood that one will be preserved within the country and one returned to its country of origin. Apparently they were supplied (like the Davenport and Decauville locomotives) to the former Yugoslavia post-World War 2 as an encouragement to the country to keep its distance from the former USSR.

This standard gauge locomotive has an interesting history. James writes "According to Zoran's book the standard gauge 2-6-0T at Smederevo is JZ 154-008, ex-FS 875.083, built by Officine Meccaniche at Saronno, near Naples, works no. 498/1914. You need to remember that roughly one half of what is now Slovenia along with part of the north of Croatia was Italian territory between the two world wars. The current boundary was only established in 1947 and all FS stock in the territory handed over by Italy to Yugoslavia then was included in JZ stock. This loco was one of these, being based in 1947 at Nova Gorica, near Trieste and the new Yugoslav border station. The loco later passed into industrial service at the steelworks at Smederevo and was withdrawn in 1975. It's been preserved since then. It's now the only Italian-built loco remaining in Serbia. Four more of the class are preserved in Italy, 875.019 at a school at Asti, Piedmont, 875.039 in Pietrarsa museum, 875.056 in a park at Bressanone in the south Tirol and 875.090 at the FS depot at Cremona, Lombardy. The Pietrarsa loco is the only one I've seen."

Rob Dickinson