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Steam in Serbia

Given that working steam survives in the former Yugoslavia in Bosnia, it is not too surprising to find it in Serbia too. Zoran Veresic has been a regular supplier of information since I established these pages. He adds (15th October 2000)

"Things are looking different now after last events here, so I hope people from Europe will come easier here to see our steam locos... Here is 83-173 the first big steam loco on Sargan Mountain Railway. Loco will be used on first 8 km of tracks between stations Sargan & Jatare. Loco was built in 1948 by Djuro Djakovic factory number 129 and its first trip at its new home was on 14th September 2000.". Bojan Cvetkovic adds (9th February 2001), "After breaking down the Dictator, in Serbia you can take photos of everything you want, without any kind of permission." - get there soon before the steam is put on the scrapheap of history.

Class 83 diagram

83-173 in action

83-173 in action

Most of the information below predates the NATO action unless otherwise indicated - Keith Chester was here in October 1999 - click here for his report which largely confirms what is said below. To kick off here is 62-642 under repair on 6th July 1999: I have now added a separate illustrated update as a result of the DGEG tour in June 2000.

62-642 under repair July 1999

The expansion of the narrow gauge preservation scheme at Mokra Gora (760mm gauge) to include a 600mm system (see below for details) is still going ahead.

After eight years, on 20th June 1998 in Pozega narrow gauge museum, people from repair factory "Sinvoz" Zrejanin have steamed one locomotive - ex-coal mine Banovici locomotive 25-27. The locomotive is a 760mm gauge 0-6-0, built by "Ceskomoravska Kolben Danek Praha" factory, 1949, fr. no. 2527, and next week it will be transfered to station Mokra Gora as the first locomotive on this future railway across Sargan Mountain, on 500 m of rails as a start. This locomotive will work on June 27th on the occasion of the opening of the station Mokra Gora, they are now putting rails from elementary school to the end of the station and a second line in the station..More industrial steam locomotives will be collected from all over Serbia, among them class "U" from steel works Smederevo (Porter tank loco, 0-4-0 1950)
At Mokra Gora, an additional 600mm gauge forest railway is being established using mainly equipment from the forest railway at Visnjicevo - donated by "Srbija sume" (Serbian Forestry") . Tracks are due to be laid in April 1999 for 2 km to Jatarice. Initially there will be one steam locomotive Djuro Djakovic, 0-6-0, 1947/88 and  two diesel locomotives.  From the coal mine at Aleksinac, locomotive no. 2 ( Chrzanov 1940/914, 0-4-0, 600 mm) will be transferred for the same reason.  In fact, the whole forest railway from Visnjicevo has been removed. Locomotives are now in repair factory "Sinvoz" Zrenjanin and wagons (12) are in wagon repair factory "Zelvoz" in Smederevo. Rails (3,5 km), have been sent to Mokra Gora. Wagons will be French munition wagons from IWW, build by De Dietrich Luneville, also five wagons from ex railway Skoplje - Ohrid ex German military wagons from IWW, two passenger, two K freight wagons and one O & K - AK tanf wagon!

preserved locos

Skoda 25-27 will be working on some celebration 11th November 1999. At the same time it is hoped that small DD 88/1947, 600mm gauge will be back from the repair factory at Zrenjanin in August 1999.
Here is the another loco for the Sargan Mountain Railway, 'Elza' of 760mm gauge, from the sugar factory at Zrenjanin


Museum locomotives for the "ROMANTIKA" train

  1. 01-088 1C1 h4 1922 , ex SDZ 1088
  2. 33-087 1E h2 1943,ex DB 52
  3. 51-052 1C1 h2t 1917 ex MAV class 375

Industrial locomotives:

1. Coal mine Kostolac - UNNRA D h2 Porter USA, gauge 900 mm, 5 locomotives 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14. These were working every day in February 1998, 10 finished repairs in Zrenjanin in December 1998 and no.13 has been sent for repairs and no. 14 will be use for heating. By July 1999 the steam locos had little work because the power station was 'under repair'. In September 1999, it was stated that work would be begin in October with 9, 10 and 12 all serviceable, 10 out of use and 13 at Zrenjanin for repair. In September 2001, UNRRA locos No.10 and No.13 serviceable, regular workings expected to resume in October until April. UNRRA No.12 under overhaul at Zrenjanin works.
 UNNRA no.12 at turntable at Kostolac depot
UNNRA locos at work

2. Svetozarevo - 62-624, standard gauge, Djuro Djakovic 1959
62 class

3. Carriage Factory, Smederevo (Note amendment September 1999, RD).  In May 1998, 62-073 and 62-365 were working with 62-107 out of use. In November 1998, 62-365 was said to be about to be sent to for overhaul to "Sinvoz", Zrenjanin. In September 1999, 62-088 (which had been repaired after 10 years out of use in Beograd) and 62-073 were working with 62-107 and 62-365 out of use. In September 2001, 62-088 still in regular use shunting the works.
American Porter, 62-088, in repair wagon factory "Zelvoz" Smederevo

4. Paper factory Cacak - 61-023, standard gauge, C n2t, 1922 ex SDZ 2015, the oldest working loco in Serbia but now probably steamed only for enthusiast visits. 61-023 was working in September 1999. In September 2001, 61-023 is now dumped oou as it would need a boiler repair.

5. At the sugar factory at Cuprija are class 62-321 (Djuro Djakovic, 1953) and OK 0-4-0T (4985/1911) which will work in the sugar season which starts in September. All the hard work will be done by the 62, but the factory staff hope to ensure the OK is steamable for tourists. In July 1999, the expectation was they would start work in October, but by September there was no work for the locos. In September 2001, whole mill oou awaiting privatisation. Loco 4885 has been repaired and is steamed for visiting groups only.

6. At Obilic (Kosovo) there are still four locos class 62, all build by Djuro Djakovic, one always working others in reserve. The locos are 62-636, 62-670, 62-671 and 62-676. However, in November 1998, 62-671 from here was sent to "Sinvoz", Zrenjanin for overhaul and will definitely not now return to Obilic (news added 7th November 1999). The Sinvoz works has made a deal with power station at Kostolac to repair this loco and they will use it on the standard gauge railway at Drmno power station and the Pozarevac - Kostolac line for freight traffic (for Kostolac see above.)
62-671 for repair

7.The fireless loco seen below after repair in Sinvoz, Zrenjanin is normally at work in Loznica."Viskoza" Loznica have two fireless locomotives 53-46 and 53-47. They are 0-6-0, build 1956, in "Ateliers de Construction La Meuse Selessin" Liege and their works numbers are 5346 and 5347, so the factory uses these to mark them (that is typical for locomotives which are not in the JZ numbering scheme.) 53-46 was working in September 1999.

Loznica fireless at work

8. In Lucani, near Cacak one fireless locomotive works in an explosive factory. This was originally class JZ 62-678 but was converted at Sinvoz, Zrenjanin.  Zoran was here in May 1998.  They use this loco for freight transport from station Dragacevo (main line Beograd - Bar) to factory (3,5 km), as well as for passenger transport - "workers train", using two wagons. In September 2001, fireless LBV-001 still in use although in bad condition and with some bullet holes in the cab after the NATO attacks.
fireless on passenger train near Lucani

9. Coal mine Vreoci has a big 900mm gauge network,  in station Vreoci 53-017 workws from time to time, 53-028 is now (September 1999) in repair factory, 53-018 works in station Ceroviti Potok which is a part of coal mine Rudovci, and they are connected with Vreoci (the fourth Decauville 53-029 is in poor condition and the coal mine will probably not repair it). Both coal mines belongs to same electric company "REIH Kolubara" Vreoci. The 900 mm railway connects these two coal mines and two power stations in Vreoci and Crljeni. This line is about 15 km long, using electric locos for coal transport and Decauvilles for shunting or as a reserve locos. At the actual coal mine in Vreoci - 62-117, 62-127, 62-635 and 62-643, Djuro Djakovic, Slavonski Brod 1956-1959. They are in good condition, because the coal mine has its own workshop and in February 1998, at least one was working every day. 62-117 was working again after repair (July 1998) but 62-127 needs and will get a new boiler. In July 1999, a class 62 was working 'every day' and in September 1999, two out of the 62s were working 'every day'. In September 2001, 62-127 and 62-635 in use; 900 mm gauge 53-016 only standby and occasional works trains
53-017 at work, June 1998

10. Zoran spent a day at the wire factory in Jagodina in the New Year (1998). They have three steam locomotives of class 62 (62-364, 62-377 & 62-642) and one diesel locomotive. In January 1998 377 was working but in best condition was locomotive 364, and they kept her as reserve. By February 1998, the roles had been reversed. 642 is now at "Sinvoz" Zrenjanin for repair.
"Six times a day passenger train, usually with a steam locomotive, travels from the factory to station Jagodina. From factory at 6.05, 7.15, 14.05, 15.15, 22.05 and 23.15.
From station Jagodina at 6.20, 7.30, 14.30, 15.30, 22.30 and 23.30. There are no tickets and the journey is free! Wagons are two axle, green, various type build or repair in Wagon Factory "Rankovicevo" (today Kraljevo) only one is built in "14 Oktobar" from Krusevac. Wagons are from 1949, with platform and wooden seats. The factory has three open freight wagons, one snowplough. The journey lasts 12 min (4.8 Km) and has two stops. All locomotives were built by Djuro Djakovic Slavonski Brod (licence by Porter ) 1956/59. " By September 1999, the situation was similar with 62-377 working the passenger train all day. In September 2001, 62-377 ex-works in Spring 2001 now shares the passenger train duties from the town to the factory with a diesel. 62-364 and 62-642 stored.
62364 on the passenger train

11. October 1997 Lok Report stated that at Resavica colliery there are still 2 serviceable steam locos as reserve: 120.019 (MAV class 370) and 126.014 (MAV class 325). Again these locos are used if the only diesel fails.  Zoran now comments (September 1998):
"Today I was in "Rembas"- Resavica coal mine with "Serbian Steam Team" to see the condition of the class 120 & 126. People from coal mine steamed 120-019, and beside some small parts locomotive is ready for work. 126-014 will need some repairs as brakes, air pump but nothing big, on both locomotives the boilers are excellent, and we plan to fix everything during the next few months, so the locos will be 100% ready in early spring 99. We will ask the railway authorities to sign all papers necessary to let those two locos to work on Resavica - Dvoriste line for tourist and for coal mine freight traffic.." By July 1999, the two locomotives were said to be under repair. 120-019 was working during a September 1999 visit. In September 2001, 120-019 can be steamed (with limited boiler pressure), but this only happens for visiting groups.
120-019 in station Resavica on a succesful journey after small repair
120-129 at work in September 1999

12. In September 1998, Zoran spent a few hours in old Ironworks in Smederevo a part of concern "Sartid", where he discovered two American tank Porter locomotives, 0-4-0, 1950, class "U", no 8 & 11. Locomotives are not in use (they have one two axle diesel locomotive), but one is in working condition, perhaps other too. He will bring his Serbian Steam Team to look at the locos and get them in steam to be sure about their condition. By September 1999, neither was serviceable but one was to be transferred to the repair factory in Zrenjanin for Mokra Gora.
U 11
U 8

13. In September 1998, Zoran found locomotive class 33-126 with tender 33-255 used as a boiler in excellent condition with all parts, in meat factory near Kraljevo! At the time the factory wasn't working .

14. The photo below is of the last forestry loco in Serbia, built by D. Djakovic no.88/1947, gauge 600 mm. The railway at Visnjicevo closed in 1992, and and all material has now been sent to Mokra Gora.
Forestry loco for restoration?

15. 83-017 from Visegrad (760 mm gauge) will be sent to Zrenjanin for a complete repair for "Sargan mountain railway". The locomotive belongs to town of Visegrad (Republika Srpska) and is a gift to Sargan, but now it is in very bad condition because for 20 years no one has taken care about it (this report November 1998 - 2000 picture from Henry van der Hoven from the Netherlands added 11th November 2003).


16. 26-079, the only one left in former Yugoslavia is now at locomotive factory "MIN", Nis. Instead of its orginal tender, it will get the tender from class 20 from Zajecar. That locomotive will be preserved as a monument, (this report November 1998).

17. Zoran has found (July 1999) 62-649 (DD 649/1959) at Adrovac, from the coal mine at Aleksinac which will be sent to Zrenjanin for repair and after that to 'a factory that needs a steam loco, it will be a new working industrail steam loco on the Serbian list!'.

Here are some pictures of equipment being removed for the new 600mm operation at Mokra Gora:




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