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The Roslavl Museum Collection, 2012

Dmitry Kolesnikov visited Roslavl on 7th July 2012 to inspect the collection here. Unlike many of the sites in the country with large numbers of steam locomotives, these are stored properly, greased up and protected against the elements as far as possible. TE-3162 was was stored here for some time but has now appeared at Podmoskovnaya Depot, Moscow.

I have had sight of a list which suggested that there were 12 L, 1 Lv, 2 Er and 1Eu here as well as the plinthed bk 0-6-0T 2012. However, several of these have recently been reported at Kievski and Podmoskovnaya depots and none of those identifiable from the photographs below are not on the list...

L Class 2277 (not on the list)

L Class 3237 (not on the list)

L Class 2047 (not on the list)

L Class 3533 (not on the list)

Signs of planned conservation:

Also here are what I assume are 'staff cars':

I believe this is the former Roslavl depot beautifully preserved with this old 1897 0-6-0PT:nearby:

Rob Dickinson