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Guatemala's Railway Heritage

By common consent the railway workshops in Guatemala City are one of the best 'preserved' of its kind in the world. But out and about the whole railway oozes 'class'......

The 'carriage and wagon' section is particularly fine. Note the wooden caboose that was in the process of rebuilding when abandonment occurred in 1996:

Outside is a mass of out of use rolling stock. Pride of place has to go to what I was told is an Edwards railcar:

The old station is the main railway museum, recently opened by Fegua with excellent displays in the former offices with trains under the canopy. Henry Posner III is looking forward to personally removing the fake diamond stack from #34, but in the meantime very happy to see Fegua take an interest in its heritage:

At Zacapa is the old round house, the station building now holds a small museum.. 

Among the steam treasures here is this 1925 steam crane, from Industrial Works of Bay City, Michigan.

On site is some very high quality stationary steam kit.

Rob Dickinson