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Residual Stationary Steam Equipment in Guatemala.

First a disused steam hammer in the railway workshops in Guatemala City. 

Secondly a piece of kit which is either a steam winch or (less likely) part of a dismantled steam crane:   

At Zacapa 'preserved' is some very fine equipment, most of all this electrical generator which carries the imprint of Ames Iron Works, Osweco, New York, USA. The latest date on the patent plate is 1912, suggesting it may be about 90 years old.

There are several duplex and simplex pumps here too:

As well as this (water) pump which bears no relation to anything I have seen in the sugar mills in Java, Indonesia. 

At least one of the visiting group had seen these working, but, alas, he has no photographic record.

From the train, it was clear that the wood treatment works just north of Gualan not only has a push tramway but also a stationary boiler and at least one small engine powered from it. One for another time... 

Rob Dickinson