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Steam on the EFDTC 2013

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James Waite joined a FarRail charter for a few days in July 2013. Unfortunately there were a number of teething troubles with the locomotives which were only properly resolved later. Hence, included are some pictures from tour organiser Bernd Seiler. For more information on the museum locomotives see James' article on the EFDTC. Click on a thumbnail to see a full size picture and then click the picture or the link to return here.

This 0-4-0ST preserved outside the power station at Capivari is said to be Ex-Ituana Railway & Cia Carbonifera de Urussanga, Manning Wardle 375/1871.

Baldwin 4-6-2 53 has recently been cosmetically restored from near derelict condition and is found inside the museum.
Baldwin 2-10-4 300 is also preserved inside the museum.
Alco 2-8-2 153 was first up to work the charter train, here it it's being coaled outside the museum
On 9th July 2013, 153 passes a farm between Jaguariuna and Morro Grande - courtesy of a new over-bridge.
153 between Tubarão and Jaguariuna on 7th July 2013
153 between Tubarão and Jaguariuna on 9th July 2013
153 passes the Jesus at Congonhas on 8th July 2013 (BS).
153 climbs the Urussanga gradient with loaded coal wagons on 9th July 2013 (BS).
Skoda 2-10-2 205 was also in steam just after sunrise in Tubarão yard, but when 153 failed later, it also disgraced itself.
205 climbs out of Sideropolis with a loaded train on 11th Jult 2013 (BS).
205 at Cabecudas with a glint on 13th July 2013 (BS).
205 on an early morning train at Congonhas on 13th July 2013 (BS).
205 at Ilha-do-Batuta on 12th July 2013 (BS).
205 at Laguna Gegli on 13th July 2013 (BS)

Rob Dickinson