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Steam on the EFDTC 1977

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James Waite's pictures illustrate his visit in 1977: Only active types are included, there were a number of other types described in the history which were still extant albeit mostly in poor condition.

At the time of his visit, the majority of the 'line work' on this metre gauge railway was undertaken by the magnificent Texas 2-10-4s which were variously built by Baldwin (mainly) and Alco.  Click on a thumbnail to see a full size picture and then click the picture or the link to return here.

Jung 2-8-2 4 was employed as yard shunter at Capivari yard and is shown passing the power station (which actually owned it and sister engine 5 at the time), apart from the motive power this scene was identical in 2013.

Baldwin 4-6-2 50 acted as pilot at Tubarão but had very little work to do.

In fact, James only saw it once when it propelled some coal wagons on to the coaling stage.

Alco 2-8-2 155 approaching Paz Ferreira yard from the Sideropolis line
Sadly none of the simple Mallets was still operable. Baldwin 2-6-6-2 203 sits in the open at the back of the shed yard.
Baldwin 2-10-4 301 at Tubarão shed - the only clean loco he saw and presumably ex-works - and even then it rapidly got grubbier during the next 3 days!
Rather more typical was Baldwin 308, also seen ay Tubarão shed.
Baldwin 305 is on a northbound train passing Capivari power station just before sunset.
Baldwin 301 is heading north through the rock cutting between Morro Grande and Esplanada.
Baldwin 308 was going very fast south of Urussanga with a loaded train.
A Texas loco approaches Imbituba with a loaded train at the famous sea photo spot.
The same loco then returned with a train of empties.

Rob Dickinson