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Progress on the Preservation of the Perus Pirapora Railroad, 2011

There are a number of reports and articles on the Perus-Pirapora Railway on this website if you want to know more:

In general, you can read about day-to-day events in the following Portuguese language blog (revised address 9th January 2011)

There are many more pictures of the locomotives here on this site: (link broken by July 2020)

22nd January 2011 was a monumental day as the following account and pictures below show, locomotives are now in a new home. Further, the image below shows Alco 2-4-2ST is steam in January 2011, for the first time in 27 years (added 8th February 2011). There is a video clip of the occasion available too

"The mine owners were finally convinced that the time has come to remove the locomotives from the former repair shop building in the Cajamar Mine outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This was very necessary as the building stands on the edge of the "glory hole" mine pit and the concrete foundations were cracked and expanding during the daily blasting and rain. Insiders also told us that the pilot bores showed that the calc mineral directly under the locomotives is of the best quality that could be used for tooth paste and animal supplements. Naturally, the state protected locomotives could not have been removed, scrapped or sold since we have a 50 year lease on 18km and all rolling stock."

These pictures are from Julio Dias de Moraes.

Baldwin 2-6-2T 10 (probably 40675/1913) was the last locomotive steamed here, even after the mine closed some of the old employees fired her up to play! 

One of five identical engines, Alco 2-4-2ST 5 (probably 68633/1933) leaves her resting places after 28 years.

Now it's the turn of 1913 Baldwin 2-6-2T 14

10 and 14 ready to start a new life.

5, 10 and 14 ready to roll. 

Rob Dickinson